If you want to run faster, jump higher and dominate your sport, then join our Athletic Training Program.  goperformance Peachtree City offers premiere athletic training for Middle School, High School and Collegiate athletes. 

Our athletes typically see the following results:

  • Average of .1 to .3 second improvement in the 40 yard dash
  • Average of .2 to .5 second improvement on the 5-10-5
  • Average of 1-5 inches improvement on their vertical
  • Average of 3-8 inches improvement on their broad jump

Our programs work on the following:

  • Speed, agility and quickness
  • Core strength exercises
  • Functional strength exercises
  • Static and dynamic flexibility
  • Running mechanics
  • Explosive power and strength
  • Lateral and liner speed training

To read stories from our athletes, visit our Testimonials Page

Our programs are designed to make students better overall athletes, which will translate to the field, track or court.  Athletes train in small groups for one hour with a coach.  Each workout is pre-programmed and based on scientific training cycles.

For those looking to train one on one with a coach for specific goals, we offer one on one athletic coaching.  Call for details.



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