5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays - Your Nutrition and Fitness Guide

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays - Your Nutrition and Fitness Guide


With the crisp cool air all around, I can just feel the holidays coming. The Fall is always an exciting time with outdoor activities, football, Christmas, travel and a break from school. It’s also a time that our clients (and us as coaches) feel overwhelmed with the demands of fall activities, family commitments, stress and the temptation of all the unhealthy treats around. I have put together five tips to help you stay on track during the busy holiday season:

Healthy Tip #1

Bring a healthy dish. If you are invited to a cocktail party, dinner or get together, volunteer to bring a dish to share. Make a healthy dish that you feel good about eating. Here are a few ideas of healthy dishes to share:

  • Blueberry Crisp
  • Chicken Satay Skewers
  • “No-cook” Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip with Apples
    • There’s no recipe simpler than this one. Mix equal parts Greek vanilla yogurt with peanut butter. Stir and serve with apple slices.     

If you bring a dish then you are certain that there will be a healthy option on the table instead of being faced with lots of dips, crackers and breads that are simply empty calories.

Healthy Tip #2

Be snobby about your sweets. That’s right! Don’t settle for a pre-packaged cookie just because it’s on the plate. If the delectable holiday sweets speak to you this season, then you should definitely enjoy one. It’s not about deprivation but about indulging in what you truly enjoy. If the party doesn’t have your favorite holiday sweet, then just pass all together. You’ll pass on the caloric “so-so” cookie but you can indulge in the sweet treat  that you’ve been waiting all year for – like your aunt’s famous apple pie.   

Healthy Tip #3

Don’t skip the workout. You knew this one would pop up. Just because you’re on the road or away from your normal gym, make sure you are active at least 3-5 times per week. This helps manage holiday weight gain. Also some studies indicate that those who work out regularly make better food choices when faced with lots of options. A workout before your holiday party will help you make wise choices at the get together. If you need some workouts to take on the road, check out 4 Anywhere Workouts.

Healthy Tip #4

Set a goal for your family or for yourself. Use wearable fitness devices like the MYZONE technology and set a goal for November and December. If you are using the MYZONE system, set a goal to earn 1500 MEPs in a month. Should you meet your goal, treat yourself with a massage or something that rewards you for staying on track. Bring your spouse or family on board. If the whole family is participating for MEP’s or steps per month, the one with the fewest points, has to cook and clean up dinner for the whole family. There’s no reason fitness can’t be fun during the busy holiday season.


Healthy Tip #5

Consider trying Intermittent Fasting. If you are new to the term intermittent fasting, check out this most before trying it. But “fasting” for the first part of the day to give yourself an “eating or feasting” window will help you maintain a calorie balance throughout the fall. Lane and I participate in intermittent fasting 3-5 days per week.  

Athlete of the Month - October 2017

Athlete of the Month - October 2017


Gabe Lopez 

Our October Athlete of the Month is Starr’s Mill Lacrosse Player, Gabe Lopez.  Gabe began his training in June 2017. He came with friends over the summer and we’ve adapted his program over the past few months. He’s improved so much since he started. 

Gabe brings enjoyment, laughter and fun to every class he participates in. He sees training as a fun part of his day not a “requirement”. It’s refreshing to train someone with such enthusiasm and zeal. Gabe is unique in the sense that he trains for the fun and enjoyment of it. The benefit is that he’s improving in all of our performance metrics. He is unique – he has the drive and the competitive nature to have goals and the eagerness to win; but he still manages to keep the “fun” in all of it. 

Gabe is coachable. He’s intelligent. Gabe listens well and enjoys the competitive nature in our classes and on the field. When Gabe started this summer, he was a strong kid to begin with. Our programs complemented his strength very well.

Gabe and some friends started training this summer to put on muscle mass and get stronger. We started with mostly strength programming because that’s what their group wanted. About six weeks into the programming, the group realized that while it’s beneficial to have a foundation of strength, they realized they needed to work on speed, agility and quickness. After a bit of persuasion, we were able to help them understand the benefits of speed training. We adapted the programming to cover multi-directional movement, strength, speed, and agility. Once the programming shifted, they all started to see improvements in about 8 weeks. The numbers below tell the story of how Gabe improved:

The Numbers:

40-Yard Dash

5.37 seconds to 5.22 seconds


4.72 seconds to 4.58 seconds

Broad Jump

6 feet, 8 inches to 7 feet, 5 inches


21 inches to 22.5 inches

BB Back Squat

185 pounds to 250 pounds (1 Rep)

DSL Bar Deadlift

300 pounds to 350 pounds (1 Rep)

From Gabe:

What do you enjoy the most about training at goperformance?

I really like working with Lane. He challenges me to do my best, and he really cares about my improvement. 

How has it made you better at your sport?

I am faster on the lacrosse field, especially laterally.

What achievement are you most proud of when it comes to your performance training with Lane at goperformance?

I am most proud of my squat. My form and strength have really improved.

What are your goals for the next 3 months?

I want to improve my 40 time by .25 seconds and continue to improve my lateral speed.

What’s your favorite thing about the training classes?

I like how the workouts are different each week. Lane keeps the workouts fun and challenging.

Describe Lane’s coaching style.

Lane is positive and motivating. He expects us to be our best and he’s encouraging us to beat our best.


Questions for Mr. and Mrs. Lopez:

Why did you choose goperformance for Gabe?

goperformance was highly recommended by some friends. We love training at goperformance because the training is focused on INDIVIDUAL performance improvement. 

What motivates him to train at goperformance?

Gabe’s goal is to play D1 lacrosse and that really motivates him to improve his speed and strength. 

What changes have you seen in Gabe since he’s been training?

Gabe looks faster on the lacrosse field and is starting to build more muscle mass. He has grown out of half his clothes from August! 

Why do you think goperformance is different than other places for sports performance training?

Lane genuinely cares about Gabe and his personal performance. Lane’s trainings are individualized to fit Gabe’s needs and goals.

Anything you’d like to add about his experience with goperformance?

We would highly recommend goperformance! Gabe has really enjoyed working with Lane and is getting great results, which encourages him to keep working hard!

From Coach Lane:

If Gabe continues to work on his flexibility, mobility, and range of motion he will continue to see improvement. He won’t be restricted and therefore will apply more velocity. Ultimately this will make him faster and better at his sport.  

I hope that he continues to enjoy training and keep his training “light-hearted” but with the same focus and desire to constantly improve.

Energy Bites - Two Healthy Snack Recipes

Energy Bites - Two Healthy Snack Recipes


Aren’t we all looking for a great snack that’s healthy, tastes good and is not a lot of hassle to pull together? For me, these two recipes fit the bill! I love energy bites. They are easily made in advance of a busy week, travel easily and have a nice blend of fats, carbs and proteins to satisfy your cravings. Here are two recipes for energy bites that you can add into your rotation.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Energy Bites

This recipe satisfies that craving for something sweet and gives a nice little boost of energy in that afternoon energy slump.  

Yields - 12-16 1 inch balls

  • 1 cup whole grain rolled oats
  • ⅔ cup unsweetened coconut flakes (optional)
  • ½ cup natural peanut butter
  • ¼ cup chocolate chips (semi-sweet or dark chocolate) 
  • ⅓ cup honey
  • Pinch salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla 
  • Optional - 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Combine all ingredients. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to make mixture easier to handle. Form into 1 inch balls. Store in refrigerator.


Sweet Potato and Oat Energy Bites

This version is a great option for those who have a nut allergy or want to sneak in a few vegetables. The sweet potato adds some sweetness and a nice punch of vitamins and minerals.

Yields - 12-16 1 inch balls 

  • 1 cup whole grain rolled oats
  • ⅔ cup unsweetened shredded coconut flakes
  • 1 cup cooked, mashed sweet potato
  • ⅓ cup honey
  • Pinch salt
  • 1 Tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla 
  • ½ cup dried cherries or dried cranberries
  • ⅓ cup chopped pecans

Combine all ingredients. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to make mixture easier to handle. Form into 1 inch balls. Store in refrigerator. 

If you find your mixture isn’t forming together well, add some more honey or nut butter (or sweet potato to the mixture).  It should be moist and hold together fairly well before placing it in the refrigerator. 


Athlete of the Month – September 2017

Athlete of the Month – September 2017


Hudson Orgeron

Our athlete of the month is Hudson Orgeron. He’s is an eighth grader at Arnold Middle School in Newnan. Hudson began training at goperformance in June 2017. Since he started, he’s overcome an injury from hockey, gotten a lot stronger and increased his overall performance.

The Numbers:

40 Yard Dash

5.95 seconds to 5.7 seconds

Broad Jump

5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet to 5 inches (8 inch improvement)


14 inches to 16 inches (2 inch improvement)


5.09 seconds to 4.81 seconds 


One of the main reasons Hudson was chosen for the Athlete of the Month is his perseverance. He sustained an injury playing hockey earlier in the Fall. He had a broken collar bone. He came in to see us and asked about what modifications could be made while he was recovering.  His attitude during his injury was so admirable. He chose to continue training and pursue his goals regardless of the setbacks. Most people would have taken that as an out - to take the season off and use it as an excuse.  

It’s awesome to see his maturity. Most people never understand this concept of perseverance. The fact is whether you are a student athlete or an adult client, something is always going to hinder you or get in the way. It’s up to you how you respond. Hudson was a great a great example of this type of determination. 

Hudson’s resilience, perseverance and determination will serve him well this year during the hockey season. His attitude to constantly improve will serve him well in his sport and in life. 

From Hudson:

What do you enjoy the most about training at goperformance?

I love the coaches!

How has goperformance made you better at your sport?

I am significantly faster and my response time is better. 

What achievement are you most proud of when it comes to your performance training with Lane at goperformance?

I am considerably stronger. I have been able to lift much more than when I started.

What’s your favorite thing about the training classes?

My favorite thing is probably the running. I enjoy learning the mechanics and improving my speed.  


From Hudson’s parents:

Why did you choose goperformance?

While price was a factor in the beginning, after talking with Lane and watching Hudson during the introductory sessions, we knew this is where he wanted to be.

What sport does Hudson play?

Hudson has been playing ice hockey since he was three.

What motivates Hudson to train at goperformance?

He wants to get stronger and faster. This is the first year of full body contact in hockey and Hudson is somewhat small compared to most. This type of training certainly helps him in his sport.

What changes have you seen in him since he’s been training?

He appears stronger and more agile.

Why do you think goperformance is different than other places for sports performance training?

We visited three gyms and goperformance offered a supervised program that allowed us to choose a schedule that fits with Hudson's schedule.

Anything you’d like to add about his experience with goperformance?

Hudson looks forward to working out. He works hard and accepts any challenge that Lane gives him. He told us that he might want to be a trainer when he grows up if this hockey thing doesn't work out.


Athlete of the Month – August 2017

Athlete of the Month – August 2017


Sumner Hahn

Out athlete of the month for August is our first female athlete of the month. Sumner Hahn is in sixth grade at Landmark Christian School. She’s a hard-worker and has certainly earned this accolade. She’s a runner, cyclist and enjoys roller blading!

The Numbers:

Broad Jump

4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 4 inches (9 inch improvement)

Vertical Jump

4-inch improvement

40 Yard Dash

7.1 seconds to 6.43 seconds 

From Art and Robin, her parents:

Why did you choose goperformance?

We chose goperformance because they have class for younger athletes. It’s appropriate for her age group and the workouts have lots of variety. Our son has also participated in the goperformance workouts so we thought it would be a great fit for her too. 

What is the biggest difference you've noticed in her since she’s been training?

She is far more coordinated and her strength has really improved. Overall she seems more focused. She looks forward to attending goperformance each day.

What would you tell a parent considering having their son or daughter training at goperformance?

Definitely have your child go! The improvement you will see is amazing.

Anything else you want to add about training?

The variety is a plus and the classes are fun for the youth. She gets a lot of meaningful and positive encouragement from the coaches and that keeps her motivated. 

From Sumner:


What do you enjoy the most about training?

I like deadlifting the most. 

What training are you most proud of?

When I first started I was only deadlifting the 15-pound training bar. Now I can easily deadlift 75 pounds. I am much stronger. 

What’s a goal you’ve set for yourself in the next six months?

To get better and faster at running. 

What types of skills are you learning at goperformance make the most difference for you in your sport?

Agility and coordination has helped me the most. 

From Coach Lane:

What’s it like training Sumner?

She is ambitious. She is always willing to try new things and has no fear of failure. That’s a great quality! She’s completely focused on working hard to improve herself. She genuinely tries to get every movement correct.  She’s meticulous about her training.  

How have you seen her improve since training at goperformance?

Sumner’s knees used to collapse in badly when jumping. She couldn’t generate a lot of power on her jumps, nor was she able to decelerate well on her jump landings or stopping. This impacted her change of direction and linear speed. Now, Sumner does a much better job on her landing and change direction.  Her dad says that she works on her running mechanics at home on her own. She looks so much better running and jumping. Overall she’s moving much better. Of course, she’s getting significantly stronger.  

I love that she’s independently trying to improve. It seems like she wants to get better “for her” not necessarily for anyone else or to prove anything to anyone else but herself. It’s a very cool thing to witness in a young athlete, especially a female. I am proud of the progress that she’s made and enjoy training her.

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