4 Anywhere Full Body Workout Routines to Build Strength and Endurance

4 Anywhere Full Body Workout Routines to Build Strength and Endurance

It’s the middle of the summer and if you’re wrapping up your summer vacations this month before you head back to school, you can complete these workouts anywhere. They require very little equipment and many can be done almost anywhere, even outside on the beach.  
Many of these are designed to be completed in less than 30 minutes so you can work up a sweat and feel good about those vacation calories. Many can be scaled up or down based on what’s available on your trip. You can even include your kids or significant other for a little sweat session.

Workout #1

Activation and Warm Up:

3 Rounds:

  • 15 Scapula Retractions (in push up position)
  • Side Planks – 30-60 seconds each side
  • 15 Push Ups

Strength and Conditioning:

Complete 100 strict military presses (with 1 kettle bell or two dumbbells)
Each time you stop, complete a 100 meter run (either on a treadmill or outside)

Workout #2

Activation and Warm Up:
4 Rounds:

  • 15 Glute Bridges (weighted if possible)
  • 30 Ice Skaters (15 each leg)
  • 15 Single Leg Balance Squats (each leg)


5 Rounds: (weights are optional; use weights if available)

  • 20 Air Squats
  • 10 each reverse lunges 
  • 10 each lateral lunges


  • Run 1 minute at 80%. 
  • Rest 1 minute.
  • Run 1 minute at 90%.
  • Rest 1 minute. 
  • Run 1 minute at 70%.
  • Rest 1 minute.
  • Run 1 minute at 90%.
  • Rest 1 minute. 
  • Run 1 minute at 80%.
  • Rest 1 minute.

Workout #3

Activation and Warm Up:

  • Elbow to Instep Stretch – 2 minutes each 
  • Standing Calf Stretch – 2 minutes each
  • Figure 4 Stretch – 2 minutes each
  • 25 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 yards – High Knees
  • 10 yards – Straight Leg March
  • 10 yards – Handwalks
  • 20 yards – Shuffle (Right and Left Side)
  • 25 Jumping Jacks 

For this workout, find a stretch of grass or walkway to run.  Look for something approximately 25 yards.  The workout has a Point A and Point B.  You will sprint 25 yards back and forth between Point A and Point B.  You will also complete an exercise at Point A and Point B.

  • Point A – 10 Jump Squats
  • Sprint 25 yards to Point B 
  • Point B – 10 Push Ups 
  • Sprint 25 yards to Point A 
  • Point A – 9 Jump Squats
  • Sprint 25 yards to Point B
  • Point B – 9 Push Ups

Continue sprinting until you’ve worked your way all the way down to 1 jump squat and 1 push up.

Workout #4

For this workout, you will need a pair of sliders like we use at goperformance.  They are available at any big box store or hardware store – just look for furniture sliders.  These pack so easily in a suitcase and can be used in a variety of ways.

Warm Up and Activation:

3 Rounds:

  • 100 Mountain Climbers on Sliders
  • 10 (each) Slider Lateral Lunges
  • 20 Pikes on Sliders

5 Rounds:

  • 10 (each) Step Ups (weighted or not)
  • 15 Hamstring Curls on Sliders
  • 20 Push Ups
  • 25 Burpees
  • 30 Second Side Plank (each side)

5 Healthy Eating Habits You Can Start Today

5 Healthy Eating Habits You Can Start Today

Many people are overwhelmed by the idea of “nutrition” and there are so many messages everywhere about what is “healthy”. I just finished a very in depth nutrition course called “Precision Nutrition.” The course had a list of “healthy habits” to help people get started.  I have compiled the information for you and added some notes to help you “digest” all the information.  
If you want to start eating healthy or if you think you’d like to dial it up a notch, these five habits are a great place to start. They are so easy that you can start these five healthy eating habits today. 

1. Each Slowly And Stop At 80% Full

  • Our society is constantly on the go which means we eat fast and aren’t mindful of exactly how “full” we are getting before we are  absolutely stuffed. One way to manage your overall nutrition is to stop eating at 80% full. It takes about 20 minutes for satiety mechanisms to kick in and let your body know that you are getting full.  
  • Take smaller bites, remove distractions and stop when you begin to feel 80% full. You can consider this as eating until “no longer hungry” instead of “eating until full”.
  • Benefits of slowing your eating include improved digestion, better performance during workouts, more time to enjoy your meals and better sleep when consuming a meal before bed.

 2. Eat Protein Dense Foods At Each Meal

  • A high protein diet is important for improving body composition and increasing your overall performance. By consuming protein, you stimulate your metabolism, help improve muscle mass and feel “fuller”.  
  • A serving size of protein is roughly the size of the palm of your hand. The serving should be about 20-30 grams of protein. 
  • Examples of proteins at breakfast include: bacon, eggs, plain Greek yogurt, coconut milk yogurt, smoked salmon.
  • Examples of proteins at lunch or dinner include: roasted or grilled chicken, grass-fed beef burger,  tofu, cottage cheese, turkey, plant-based proteins like beans and legumes and wild-caught fish.

 3. Eat Fruits And Vegetables At Every Meal

  • Your grandmother has been telling you this for decades but it actually is true. You need to eat your vegetables. 
  • In addition to eating protein at every meal, you should strive to eat vegetables and fruits at each meal. Most people do not eat enough plant-based foods in their diet. Adding these to your meals and snacks can provide immense nutrition and antioxidants to your body.  
  • Phytochemicals found in plants are essential for your body to function optionally. Additionally, the more proteins that you have in your body, the more acid you have in your blood. Vegetables help neutralize that acid load in the blood.  
  • Examples of incorporating vegetables in your breakfast include: sautéed spinach and tomatoes with eggs or a smoothie with greens. For more smoothie recipes, click here.
  • Ideally you should have 10 servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet each day.  

4. For Fat loss, Eat A Majority Of Other Carbohydrates After Exercise

  • If you’ve got fat to lose, then you need to earn those higher carbohydrate meals by exercising first. If you want to eat breads and pasta, then make sure you incorporate those foods only on days that you have participated in a high-intensity training session. 
  • It’s important to stick to the unprocessed carbohydrates like whole grain brown rice, sprouted whole grain bread, whole grain oats and whole grain pastas. 
  • This is not a “low-carb” approach but rather a “controlled carb” approach. Most Americans eat too many carbohydrates as it is, so controlling them to days that you are participating in a vigorous exercise will help place you in a better range.  
  • Easy swaps to decrease your overall carbohydrate intake include swapping sodas for water or sparkling water, replacing processed sugary treats for sweeter vegetables like sweet potatoes and squash. 
  • For those training to gain weight or who depend on a high carbohydrate diet for their endurance sports, this healthy habit does not necessarily apply. 

 5. Eat Healthy Fats Daily

  • Generally speaking, 30% of your diet should be from healthy fats.  There are three types of fats – unsaturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Most Americans have too much saturated fat and not enough of the other two types of fats. The recommendation is to have 1/3 from each category.  
  • Examples of saturated fats include: animal fats found in eggs and dairy, butter and coconut oil
  • Examples of polyunsaturated fats include: fish oil, hemp seeds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, flax oil, soy nuts and peanuts.
  • Examples of monounsaturated fast include:  pecans, almonds, olives, olive oil, avocado, cashews, pistachios and tahini

Simply following the recommendations in these healthy habits can start your journey to better overall nutrition for you or for your family. This list can help you when you go to the grocery store and when you plan meals for your family.  
If you would like more customized nutrition coaching, ask to speak with Payden Montgomery at goperformance and fitness. 

Athlete of the Month – May 2017

Athlete of the Month – May 2017

Logan Brown

Our featured athlete for May had a pretty amazing finish to his soccer season a few weeks ago.  Logan Brown, a McIntosh soccer player, scored the winning goal in the State Championship earlier in May. He’s our athlete of the month for May!

Logan has been training with goperformance since the fall of 2016. He’s a great athlete with a bright future. We talked with Logan and his parents about his training, improvement and future goals.

The Numbers: (From September 2016 to February 2017)

Broad Jump

Increased by 7 inches


5-inch improvement

40 Yard Dash

5.32 seconds to 4.97 seconds


4.87 seconds to 4.45 seconds

From Logan’s parents, Tom and Holly

“Logan has been training as a team with goperformance through McIntosh Varsity Boys’ Soccer. How does goperformance compliment the “team” training he is doing with his soccer team?” I believe it actually sets the standard for team training since most teams don't have the time to train the little things (running mechanics, positioning, etc) to help their athletes perform better. Lane was able to work on these details with the team offsite to help them improve.

“What changes did you notice in Logan once he began training at goperformance?”

His confidence! He could feel he was getting stronger and faster. That showed when he got on the field to play soccer. 
  Logan Brown on the soccer field

Logan Brown on the soccer field

“What made you choose goperformance for Logan?”

Logan knew a couple of friends that trained at goperformance but ultimately it was the coaching and location. We had tried some other facilities but they lacked the hands-on coaching and methodology that goperformance is able to provide. The athletes are supervised and coached the entire time.

“Your whole family trains at goperformance, describe that dynamic.  How does goperformance serve athletes and adults?”

It’s a great family atmosphere and great coaching. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. There’s so much guidance – you get the right coaching at the right moment, tailored for your needs.

From Logan:

“Congrats on scoring the winning goal for the State Championship! What was that moment like?”

Scoring a goal in the state title game was a dream come true. A couple of my friends and I had joked around about me scoring a goal and when it actually happened I couldn’t believe it. So, when we got the corner with about a minute left in the game I was running up to get in the box and was just praying that if the ball came to my foot that I would be able to score. And when it actually happened I couldn’t believe it. All I could think about doing was running and celebrating with our fans who came down to watch. It truly is one of the greatest sports accomplishments thus far in my life.

“How has training at goperformance prepared you for this competitive soccer season?”

goperformance prepared me by increasing my strength and fitness during my off-season. I had an advantage over other teammates who didn’t train in their offseason.

“What was it like having your team train with Lane this season at McIntosh and how did it help  you and your teammates?”

Training with Lane was always a great experience. As a team we were able to work on the little things like agility, quickness, and running mechanics. I felt like those areas really helped us improve our standard of play as an entire team.

“What are your goals for the off-season this summer?”

During this offseason I would like to continue working on getting quicker and stronger. I feel if I can improve a little bit more in those aspects I can really improve on my game.

“What was the biggest improvement (performance-wise) that you noticed since training at goperformance?”

Since I started training at goperformance I feel like my speed has been the biggest improvement and I just want to continue working on that.

From Coach Lane:

Logan improved so much in the fall of 2016 through the spring of 2017. I had the privilege to train the entire boys’ soccer team this spring, which reiterated technique and skills for the entire team. Logan was able to continue his training throughout the soccer season with his teammates. Most athletes stop training in-season. They lose some of their speed and power. Because he continued to train with his team, he was able to continue that momentum. Additionally, he stayed healthy the entire season. He and his team finished the season with no major injuries.
The McIntosh Boys’ Team ability to perform at 100% all season long gave them the competitive edge that they needed to bring home the state title. All the hard work and diligence that Logan invested over the course of the season truly paid off and helped him perform his best when it mattered most. This is a great lesson for all athletes – it’s the work that you put in months ago that matters now. It’s unrealistic to expect that a few weeks of training just before your season will yield the performance that you need. What we’ve seen in Logan’s case is that months of consistent hard work prior to the season and even during season was the key to success.
  Logan with his parents family – Tom and Holly Brown and sister, Carly

Logan with his parents family – Tom and Holly Brown and sister, Carly

For more member stories, visit our testimonials

Athlete of the Month - April 2017

Athlete of the Month - April 2017

Bryce Burnett

Our athlete of the month for April demonstrates perseverance and determination. Those attributes have helped him see improvements in his overall athleticism - both at the gym and in his sports. Bryce Burnett has been coming to goperformance for almost two years. He’s a sixth grader at Landmark Christian School. Check out his performance and notes from his parents and Coach Lane. 

“Bryce has improved so much since being at goperformance.  As a sixth grader, he benches more than 100 pounds.  He is able to squat 135 pounds. He’s also able to clean more than 100 pounds,” says Coach Lane. 

“Bryce’s intensity and willingness to learn and improve is contagious in our group session. It makes it so much fun to have him at goperformance. I am personally so proud of Bryce and his improvements. I look forward to watching him grow as an athlete and a person,” adds Lane. 

From Bryce’s parents:

Why did you choose goperformance for your son?

We choose go performance because of its reputation and the leadership that Lane and Payden exhibit to the members and the Peachtree City community.

What have you noticed the most since Bryce has started training with goperformance?

Bryce has improved his fitness level dramatically and has acquired considerably more confidence in himself both on and off the field. Bryce's overall feeling of health has improved. He’s learned types of exercises and movement at goperformance as well as a lot about proper nutrition.  

He has made numerous friends at goperformance as well as learned a ton from his coaches on pushing himself to be the best he can be and encourage others in his peer group to do the same. Overall, goperformance has been a fantastic place for our son to learn about fitness, grow athletically, spiritually, and learn how to lead.

From Bryce:

What do you enjoy about training at goperformance?

I like the size of the classes which allows me to get personalized training. The coaches are so encouraging and motivating.  

How have you improved since training at goperformance?

I have become a lot faster, quicker and stronger in both of my sports at Landmark Christian School - football and wrestling. My aerobic ability was not good when I started at goperformance but it has improved drastically. 

What are your goals for your next season of training?

I want to increase my strength in my legs. I also want to get stronger in my upper body so I can do more pull ups and bench press my body weight.

 Bryce at Venice Beach

Bryce at Venice Beach

Working Mom Makes Gym Time for Working Out

Working Mom Makes Gym Time for Working Out

Stephanie Grant

We have a celebrity in our midst here at goperformance. Stephanie Grant was recently featured on Disney Junior for making history. I had the chance to sit down and talk with her about her family, working out, being a working mom and how she manages to juggle it all.  

Stephanie Grant started at goperformance in January 2017. 

Tell me about your journey to a healthier lifestyle?

The first half of my life I was on a diet and worried so much about my physical appearance. I am in my forties now and I have had two kids. I know it’s important to be in good health but the number on the scale doesn’t stress me out. I want to be healthy and active so I can be a good mom to my kids. I want to be able to travel with them and show them the world. 

How old are your kids?

My son, Mason, is 5. I have a daughter, Morgan and she’s 21 months old.

You work full-time with two small kids. Tell me about your job?

I have been a pilot for twelve years and I’ve been with Delta Connections for nine years.   

You recently appeared on Disney Junior. How did that happen?

Disney actually found me through my website and blog. Back in February of 2009, I was part of the first all African American female flight crew – meaning the pilot and co-pilot were both African American females going from point A to B. As part of Black History Month, Disney reached out to ask if I could come out and shoot a piece about it. They involved my son, Mason. Everything was first-class and a really cool experience. 

You work full-time, have two kids, a job that requires travel and an odd schedule? How does it all happen?

Being a working mom, you have to learn that you cannot do it all. I tell people that my name starts with “S” but I don’t have an “S” on my chest. I am not Superwoman. I am okay with leaving some stuff undone to make sure the “right” things happen. Dishes can wait so I can spend time with my kids or take care of someone who doesn’t feel well.

What about the gym? When do you squeeze in time for you?

Well, I try to make coming to goperformance a priority for me. It is so important for me to take good care of myself. The community at goperformance helps me to stay motivated and manage my stress. I wish I had a career that allowed me to keep a regular workout schedule but I don’t. I simply make it a priority when I can.  

So what are your goals at the gym in the next few years?

I want to be unapologetic in a two-piece. I want to be “fit-curvy”. I do not want to be ashamed of anything that God has created on me. I have had two kids. I am not out of whack - I just need a little work. I want to put on a bathing suit, some shorts and rock it. It’s important for me to keep my blood pressure down. I want to put on some more muscle. And I want someone to look at me one day and say, “You look like you must workout.” 

I hear you talking about priorities and managing what is important – career, being a wife, kids and time for yourself. How on earth do you determine what is important when everything seems to be important?

Because I travel, 3-4 days per week, I first make sure that my kids are fed (my husband doesn’t cook). When I am off, my priority is to get them to school and workout. Sometimes, I come home from dropping them at school and just watch a little television – I need a re-charge. It’s important to me that my husband and kids are cared for. Sometimes that is all that I have time for in one day – and that’s enough.  

What advice would you give a mom who is on the fence about working-out? As you know moms manage lots of things and so what would you tell her?

Schedule it like you would a hair appointment if you need to. Just go. Take the first step. Make it a priority. There are other things I am giving up to have time at the gym. You have to start somewhere. You have to be willing to just start. Consistency is the key. Getting started is hard but you will make friends. You will meet people with stories like yours. Working out at goperformance it like having a built-in support system that wants to see you win.  

Do you have any “life-hacks” or mom tricks that you are withholding from us?

Well, I have a housekeeper come in every few months and help me get caught up. I take one girls’ trip every year. And wine. I do like a glass of wine. 

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

I cannot pass up a good dish of homemade macaroni and cheese.  

What do you want moms to know?

You brought a human or humans into this world.  That’s a miracle alone. It is okay for you to carve out some happiness, leave things undone and take care of yourself. Most moms don’t get enough credit for what they do at home.  

If you are a working mom, we would love to hear from you. 

How do you juggle your own fitness and health while keeping a house and career running?

Visit our Facebook Page or Instagram account comment and let us know how you juggle it all.

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