Peachtree City goperformance Coach - Louis Allen

Peachtree City goperformance Coach - Louis Allen


Louis Allen

Please help us give a warm welcome to Louis Allen. He is officially full-time as of today! We are so excited to have him as part of our team. He shared with us a little about his health and fitness journey and what inspired him to lost more than one hundred pounds. He’s bringing so much enthusiasm to our team. Get to know more about Coach Louis Allen.

What sparked your interest in health and fitness?

I enjoy competition and played baseball and football growing up. In high school, I sustained a knee injury that peaked my interest in physical therapy and rehab. I went to college in pursuit of a degree in Athletic Training. It wasn't until my grandmother had a heart attack in front of me that had me focus more on overall health and wellness for others.   

Tell me about your own personal fitness journey.

My journey is like most people who struggle with weight. I've yo-yo'd up and down with my weight and didn't always have a good relationship with food or a positive body image. It wasn't until the experience with my grandmother that led me on the five-year journey to finally lose and keep off more than one hundred pounds. My relationship with food is a lot better and I now have a positive body image and healthier mindset about my own health. I like to workout with others to keep me accountable and push me to do more!


What are you most excited about when it comes to your transition to goperformance?

I truly want to help goperformance be the best training facility in Peachtree City. I am excited to work with all the clients – adults, student athletes and teams. I look forward to meeting all the members and learning their stories.  

What’s your favorite workout movement?

I love bench press!

What are your performance goals for 2018 when it comes to working out?

  • Compete in the Trinity Combine representing goperformance (May 2018)
  • Compete in Spartan Super in Colorado with brother
  • Compete in Tough Mudder
  • Compete in three to five 5k races that support a good cause

What do you wish that you could tell every client that you work with - what do you wish that they knew?

There are two types of goals – outcome and behavioral. Outcome goals like personal records or weight loss are not in our control because it can vary over the course of time. However, we do have control over our behavioral goals like drink more water, get more sleep and workout 5-7 hours per week. Changing the behavioral goals will guide us towards reaching our outcome goals. 

Working out and training is supposed to be challenging! It's supposed to take you out of your comfort zone! 

Your time is either wasted or invested, I'm here to make your workout an experience and time well invested.

What do you like to do in your free time?

  • Reading.  I am currently reading “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”
  • Listening to Podcasts
  • Fishing
  • Visiting amusement parks with my daughter
  • Play video games
  • I love to travel to various beaches. I love some blue ocean water – next trip is Aruba!

The Best Health and Fitness Gifts For 2017 - A Gym Lover’s Gift Guide

The Best Health and Fitness Gifts For 2017 - A Gym Lover’s Gift Guide


16 Christmas Ideas for your Fit Friend

If you are making a list for yourself or buying for a fellow gym lover, here’s a list of fifteen items that will delight your fitness fanatic.  This list includes everything from stocking stuffers to the big-ticket items.  

1.  BCAA Singles

These single-serve BCAA packets are great for on-the-go when you don’t want to carry around a shaker bottle or if you have to travel. These would be great in someone’s stocking.

2.  Knee Sleeve

This was on the list last year. If your Secret Santa didn’t pull through then you can snag these knee sleeves for yourself. These are great if your knees are feeling a little dodgy during squats. 

3.  Resistance Bands for Travel Workouts

The third tool you can throw in your suitcase for a workout on the road is a set of resistance bands. You can use these on the road for: rows, presses, squats, pull-ups, push ups and more. These light-weight bands will last you a long time and won’t add any bulk to your bag. Grab two widths so you’ll have options on the road. 

4.  Sliders for Travel Workouts

In addition to the mini-bands above, grab some sliders. These fit into a suitcase or overnight bag. Use these when you’re away from the gym to do: mountain climbers, wounded dogs, lateral lunges, body saws, hamstring curls and more.  

5.  Mini-Bands

If life has you on the road and missing the gym, these mini-bands are just like the ones we have here at goperformance. You can use them for lower body exercises and upper body exercises. They are light-weight, durable and great for a workout on the go.

6.  Vitamix

If you are frustrated with your blender for leaving you with whole pieces of kale or spinach, the Vitamix will not disappoint. The varied speeds on this blender will make a smoothie, heat up soup and has a self-cleaning cycle. This is a staple in our house. 


This is a great stocking stuffer.WODWAX is a bar of wax that you can apply to the bar for pull-ups. It puts a sticky residue on the bar so your hands won’t slip off. This tiny bar will last you until next Christmas.

8. Pill Organizer 

Pill sorters aren’t just for your grandparents. This is not your grandmother’s pill sorter.  I enjoy mine for a few reasons. This little gadget keeps me from having to pull out 5-6 bottles morning and night to take my vitamins. It’s got a magnetic base so they stay put. This is great for travel too – just take the container you need for your quick overnight trip and you don’t have to bother with taking several bottles in your bag. It’s easy to load your vitamins or medications by simply pushing them through the perforated top.  

9.  Deep Blue Rub

The aching hamstring or sore shoulder can find relief with this Deep Blue Rub. Put this on your Christmas list if you are looking for relief from sore muscles. This rub is infused with essential oils to deliver a soothing sensation to achy, tired muscles. 

10.  Women’s Training Shoe

If your footwear needs an upgrade, I’ve loved these Under Armour training shoes. They provide enough stability for barbell movements, yet enough cushion for a quick run. They’ve held up nicely and I hope Santa will bring me a new pair.  

11.  Men’s Training Shoe

Lane was also really pleased with his training show from Under Armour. The solid heel box is great for squats and deadlifts. The sturdy upper material will endure tough workouts inside or outside.  

12.  Women’s Lifters

If you’ve been curious about purchasing a weightlifting shoe for barbell movements, these come in a variety of colors for men and women. Weightlifting shoes have a raised heel to allow you to get into a better position for barbell movements. The raised heel will allow for more ankle flexibility and hip flexibility. The hard sole (as opposed to most running shoes) allows you to get as much force off the ground as you can. Soft-soled running shoes absorb a lot of force. When your performing barbell movements like squats, cleans and deadlifts you want 100% force off the ground. If you are unsure if you’d benefit from lifting shoes, place 2.5 pound weights under your heels and squat. 

13.  Men’s Weightlifting  

14.  Jump Rope

We’ve all been there – in the middle of a class, staring at all the jump rope options. Why not just get your own, suited exactly for your height and preferences. These jump ropes are reasonably priced and a great gift.  


15. Deodorizing Wipes

If you hit the gym and then head out on errands, then these wipes are a great stocking stuffer or gift. They are deodorizing wipes to make sure the gym smell doesn’t linger with you while out on errands.  

16.  Mini-Foam Roller

You can travel to see relatives and they won’t know you’ve packed a foam roller. This one is super small and would easily fit in your car or bag. This would be great to throw in an overnight bag to ease those tight muscles.

I hope this gives you some ideas for the fitness fanatic in your life.  Happy shopping!

This post contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission from users who use our links to shop for these items. Amazon does not sponsor or endorse this post. The opinions are my own. 

Athlete of the Month – November 2017

Athlete of the Month – November 2017


Sarah Goins

The Numbers:

40-Yard Dash 

5.32 seconds to 5.07 seconds


21.5 inches to 24 inches 

Broad Jump

7 feet 2 inches to 7 feet 6 inches 

Sarah started training at goperformance in early September. She’s a Starr’s Mill High School Track athlete and swimmer. When she started training she wanted to accelerate faster and to start faster from the blocks. She needed more power to run the hurdles with more precision and efficiency.  

Shortly after she started with us Sarah enrolled in Driver’s Education.  This class conflicted with her training so she decided to come in at 5:30 in the morning and train with the adults so she wouldn’t miss her sessions. Most high school students wouldn’t dream of waking up that early to work out but she is super dedicated.  

Often female athletes are not as dedicated to the process of training because they are usually in a group of mostly male athletes. We’ve seen this to be the case at our club. Sarah was committed to training even though she was often the only female in class most of the time.  She was determined to push herself even without the camaraderie of other female athletes. She’s an independent, focused athlete.  


We chose Sarah to be the Athlete of the Month because she has the willingness to improve, change and work hard. She is dedicated to her future as an athlete. It’s fun to watch her excitement and enthusiasm around her improvements. She said she wants to break the 5-second mark in her 40. If she did that, she’d be the first female to break the 5 second mark in the 40 at our club.  

She has amazing potential due to her hard work. 

From Sarah’s Parents:

We chose goperformance because of its track record of helping athletes improve, but more importantly they have a great reputation in the community. Our older daughter trained at goperformance and now she’s plays lacrosse at the collegiate level. Trust and results mattered to us. Lane’s positive words, while pushing her to do her best, have encouraged her. Her improvement in the past few weeks has just fueled her to work even harder to reach her goals. Her team workouts are great but the training at goperformance has allowed her to focus on specific goals. We appreciate and trust the staff at goperformance.


From Sarah:

Since training at goperformance, I have noticed so much improvement in my confidence in my sports. By going to goperformance, I hope to achieve faster times in both swimming and track, and I also hope to get myself into a routine of working out that can stick with me as I grow up. So far, I have seen great improvements in my times at swimming since last year. The track season has not started yet, but I am confident that my times will be much better! During my two weeks of Driver’s Ed, I made sure to be at goperformance in the mornings before school because I knew that if I did not, I could easily lose what progress I had made. In the next three months, my performance goals are to shave off time in my swimming season and get in the best shape that I can before track season starts. My favorite part of training at goperformance is that my body is now used to working out and I feel stronger and faster than I did before I joined. Also, I really enjoy the high school group that I workout with.  The people at goperformance really make it an enjoyable and encouraging place to be. Thank you!


5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays - Your Nutrition and Fitness Guide

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays - Your Nutrition and Fitness Guide


With the crisp cool air all around, I can just feel the holidays coming. The Fall is always an exciting time with outdoor activities, football, Christmas, travel and a break from school. It’s also a time that our clients (and us as coaches) feel overwhelmed with the demands of fall activities, family commitments, stress and the temptation of all the unhealthy treats around. I have put together five tips to help you stay on track during the busy holiday season:

Healthy Tip #1

Bring a healthy dish. If you are invited to a cocktail party, dinner or get together, volunteer to bring a dish to share. Make a healthy dish that you feel good about eating. Here are a few ideas of healthy dishes to share:

  • Blueberry Crisp
  • Chicken Satay Skewers
  • “No-cook” Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip with Apples
    • There’s no recipe simpler than this one. Mix equal parts Greek vanilla yogurt with peanut butter. Stir and serve with apple slices.     

If you bring a dish then you are certain that there will be a healthy option on the table instead of being faced with lots of dips, crackers and breads that are simply empty calories.

Healthy Tip #2

Be snobby about your sweets. That’s right! Don’t settle for a pre-packaged cookie just because it’s on the plate. If the delectable holiday sweets speak to you this season, then you should definitely enjoy one. It’s not about deprivation but about indulging in what you truly enjoy. If the party doesn’t have your favorite holiday sweet, then just pass all together. You’ll pass on the caloric “so-so” cookie but you can indulge in the sweet treat  that you’ve been waiting all year for – like your aunt’s famous apple pie.   

Healthy Tip #3

Don’t skip the workout. You knew this one would pop up. Just because you’re on the road or away from your normal gym, make sure you are active at least 3-5 times per week. This helps manage holiday weight gain. Also some studies indicate that those who work out regularly make better food choices when faced with lots of options. A workout before your holiday party will help you make wise choices at the get together. If you need some workouts to take on the road, check out 4 Anywhere Workouts.

Healthy Tip #4

Set a goal for your family or for yourself. Use wearable fitness devices like the MYZONE technology and set a goal for November and December. If you are using the MYZONE system, set a goal to earn 1500 MEPs in a month. Should you meet your goal, treat yourself with a massage or something that rewards you for staying on track. Bring your spouse or family on board. If the whole family is participating for MEP’s or steps per month, the one with the fewest points, has to cook and clean up dinner for the whole family. There’s no reason fitness can’t be fun during the busy holiday season.


Healthy Tip #5

Consider trying Intermittent Fasting. If you are new to the term intermittent fasting, check out this most before trying it. But “fasting” for the first part of the day to give yourself an “eating or feasting” window will help you maintain a calorie balance throughout the fall. Lane and I participate in intermittent fasting 3-5 days per week.  

Athlete of the Month - October 2017

Athlete of the Month - October 2017


Gabe Lopez 

Our October Athlete of the Month is Starr’s Mill Lacrosse Player, Gabe Lopez.  Gabe began his training in June 2017. He came with friends over the summer and we’ve adapted his program over the past few months. He’s improved so much since he started. 

Gabe brings enjoyment, laughter and fun to every class he participates in. He sees training as a fun part of his day not a “requirement”. It’s refreshing to train someone with such enthusiasm and zeal. Gabe is unique in the sense that he trains for the fun and enjoyment of it. The benefit is that he’s improving in all of our performance metrics. He is unique – he has the drive and the competitive nature to have goals and the eagerness to win; but he still manages to keep the “fun” in all of it. 

Gabe is coachable. He’s intelligent. Gabe listens well and enjoys the competitive nature in our classes and on the field. When Gabe started this summer, he was a strong kid to begin with. Our programs complemented his strength very well.

Gabe and some friends started training this summer to put on muscle mass and get stronger. We started with mostly strength programming because that’s what their group wanted. About six weeks into the programming, the group realized that while it’s beneficial to have a foundation of strength, they realized they needed to work on speed, agility and quickness. After a bit of persuasion, we were able to help them understand the benefits of speed training. We adapted the programming to cover multi-directional movement, strength, speed, and agility. Once the programming shifted, they all started to see improvements in about 8 weeks. The numbers below tell the story of how Gabe improved:

The Numbers:

40-Yard Dash

5.37 seconds to 5.22 seconds


4.72 seconds to 4.58 seconds

Broad Jump

6 feet, 8 inches to 7 feet, 5 inches


21 inches to 22.5 inches

BB Back Squat

185 pounds to 250 pounds (1 Rep)

DSL Bar Deadlift

300 pounds to 350 pounds (1 Rep)

From Gabe:

What do you enjoy the most about training at goperformance?

I really like working with Lane. He challenges me to do my best, and he really cares about my improvement. 

How has it made you better at your sport?

I am faster on the lacrosse field, especially laterally.

What achievement are you most proud of when it comes to your performance training with Lane at goperformance?

I am most proud of my squat. My form and strength have really improved.

What are your goals for the next 3 months?

I want to improve my 40 time by .25 seconds and continue to improve my lateral speed.

What’s your favorite thing about the training classes?

I like how the workouts are different each week. Lane keeps the workouts fun and challenging.

Describe Lane’s coaching style.

Lane is positive and motivating. He expects us to be our best and he’s encouraging us to beat our best.


Questions for Mr. and Mrs. Lopez:

Why did you choose goperformance for Gabe?

goperformance was highly recommended by some friends. We love training at goperformance because the training is focused on INDIVIDUAL performance improvement. 

What motivates him to train at goperformance?

Gabe’s goal is to play D1 lacrosse and that really motivates him to improve his speed and strength. 

What changes have you seen in Gabe since he’s been training?

Gabe looks faster on the lacrosse field and is starting to build more muscle mass. He has grown out of half his clothes from August! 

Why do you think goperformance is different than other places for sports performance training?

Lane genuinely cares about Gabe and his personal performance. Lane’s trainings are individualized to fit Gabe’s needs and goals.

Anything you’d like to add about his experience with goperformance?

We would highly recommend goperformance! Gabe has really enjoyed working with Lane and is getting great results, which encourages him to keep working hard!

From Coach Lane:

If Gabe continues to work on his flexibility, mobility, and range of motion he will continue to see improvement. He won’t be restricted and therefore will apply more velocity. Ultimately this will make him faster and better at his sport.  

I hope that he continues to enjoy training and keep his training “light-hearted” but with the same focus and desire to constantly improve.

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