Lea Duben is our May Athlete of the Month. She just recently signed to walk on at Alabama for their Track and Field Team. She will run the 400m hurdles. Lea recently graduated from Starr’s Mill High School where she set the school record in the 300m hurdles with a 43.8 seconds. This placed her fourth in the state for the season.

From Lea:

“Training at gopeformance has allowed me to build a strong base to ensure I not only stay healthy but am at the peak of my physical fitness when it’s time to compete.  The coaches at goperformance are amazing about writing workouts that increase our ability to perform well at practices and competition. The workouts are geared towards specific sports and movements so that the base built in the weight room transfers onto the track. The aspect I enjoy most about goperformance is the community. I know whatever the day entails I can walk into go and always have a sense of belonging. The coaches and members hold each other accountable and are always pushing one another to not only be in better physical shape but to be better people. The most noticeable change I was aware of in my training was my ability to recover. Before go, it was always a struggle to get to the line for the next rep but now, I’m able to bounce back and feel strong for whatever the workout holds. When I broke the school record, all I could think about was the people in my corner who were such a huge part of my athletic success. My training partners, track coaches, and especially the community at goperformance had all pushed me in the weight room and in the classroom to be the best I could be.My faith has grown during my time at goperformance. Everyday, Payden and Lane live as humble servants of Christ. The way they use their relationship to spread light into their gym and their clients is amazing. I’m so thankful to be a part of such an amazing gym.”


From Coach Lane

“Lea started the year running a 47 second 300m hurdle knowing that she needed to break a 45 second run to walk on at Alabama.  She came to goperformance throughout her pre-season and her regular season with her eyes set on this goal.   She is extremely meticulous and focused when it comes to training.  She is precise in everything that she does.  Lea did not just rely on the coaches and the group training to help her achieve her goals.  She came to the gym on her own and worked at the track on her own to get her a little closer to her goal each day.  She is an intense competitor with the will to win and possesses a lot of grace and style on the track.  Her teammates call her “Cyborg” meaning she’s a machine on the track.  She doesn’t show her fatigue or her frustration; instead she channels it into hard work.  We are thrilled for her and her next chapter at Alabama.  Right now, she is the only girl on the Alabama team recruited to run the 400m hurdles.  She is going to take the same energy, effort, dedication, and will apply it to her track and field career.  She is going to surprise the coaches at Alabama.  There’s so much to say about her.  I am going to miss training her. “

From Lea’s Parents: 

“When we were looking in to gyms and coaches, we were looking for a gym that offered a tailored workout specific to her sport. With Lea juggling competitive sports, school, and work, we were also looking for flexibility in classes and schedule. One of our top priorities was finding a consistent, dependable, and dedicated staff to help Lea achieve her goal of reaching the next level in her athletic performance. We credit goperformance with improving Lea’s overall performance in her sport. She has shown a steady decrease in track times with more consistency throughout the season. Another huge benefit has been less injury throughout her training and competition. We are so thankful to have found goperformance. The benefits go way beyond the physical. As a parent, little is more important than ensuring your daughter has strong mentors and role models. The smile on her face says it all when she reaches the finish line and is greeted with cheers and support from Lane and Payden. Thank you for training, supporting, and loving our girl!!“

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