Christian Jubin

Christian is a homeschool student. He plays baseball for Grace Christian Academy and is our athlete of the month. He started training at goperformance in August. His commitment, hard work ethic and improvements have earned him the title “Athlete of the Month”.

He’s a baseball player that came to improve his speed and power. Here are his performance improvements:

The Numbers

60 Yard Dash

9.13 seconds to 8.54 seconds

40 Yard Dash

6.28 seconds to 5.42 seconds

Vertical Jump

16.8 inches to 21.6 inches

Broad Jump

5’6” to 6’9”

From Christian

What do you enjoy most about training at goperformance?

My favorite thing about training at goperformance is that the coaches help you tailor the workouts to your specific sport. In-season for baseball I can’t go super heavy on the lifts, so the coaches have me focus on speed while lifting. The coaches are always dedicated to helping us get better. My favorite thing Coach Louis said was, “Don’t let the instructions get in your way of getting better, add some weight!”

What’s been your biggest improvement since training?

My biggest improvements since I started training at goperformance has been in my running. My 40 yard has improved by almost one second and my 60 yard by over half a second.

Describe a training session at goperformance?

A training session at goperformance is very active. You are never idle. The coaches are always pushing you to go as hard as, as fast, and as heavy as you can.

What keeps you motivated?

The thing that motivates me the most is every “no” and “you can’t do it” I’ve ever heard.

What are you performance goals for the next 6 months?

My performance goals for the next 6 months is to get my 40 yard below a 5 and my 60 yard below an 8.2.

Anything else you would like to add?

My goal is to play professional baseball and I believe that with the tools that goperformance provides for me to get faster and stronger, I can accomplish my goal.


From Christian’s Parents

Why did you choose to send Christian to goperformance?

The people. After speaking with Lane, Payden and Louis I felt they had Christian’s best interest at heart. I had no doubt that he would get stronger and faster the right way.

What changes have you noticed since he’s been training?

Christian is more athletic in everything he does. He absolutely looks more fit; however, his movements are what I think is most noticeable.

What are your hopes for his performance and training over the next 6 months?

That he continues to love working out at goperformance!

How is goperformance different than other programs you’ve considered or participated in?

We really haven’t considered other programs for overall fitness, strength and speed. Honestly, I don’t see any need to look elsewhere now.

Anything else you would like to add?

Athletes are people first and people are driven by relationships. goperformance builds relationships along with building strength and speed. The people at gopeformance are important to my son, and he’s important to them.

From Coach Lane

Christian is a hard worker. He is fun to have in class. He always walks in the door with a smile. When he came to us he wanted to get stronger and faster for baseball and we’ve been able to accomplish just that. Christian has a contagious zeal and personality that brings so much to our classes.

Christian is not afraid of the hard work to get him to his next goal. During school breaks, most athletes use that as a time to take off from training. Christian sees that as an opportunity to come in and train. Christian tracks all his own metrics, records his workouts and keeps up with his progress. He knows where he needs to improve. I hope that he continues to stay the course training. His discipline and diligence will take him a long way.

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