Our athlete of the month this month is Booth Middle Schooler, Ben Logan. He’s entering eighth grade and plays football, basketball and golf. This summer he’s a part of a summer swim league.

Describe training at goperformance in three words: Worthwhile. Gratifying. Fun.

Questions for Ben:

What’s your favorite thing about coming to goperformance?

The coaches are so positive. It makes everyone have fun and want to work hard.

What changes have you noticed in your athleticism since training at goperformance?

I have noticed my cardio and agility have improved.

What are your performance goals for the next 6 months?

To become faster and stronger mentally and physically.


From Coach Lane

“Ben is our athlete of the month because he is attentive and seeks coaching. In classes, he asks questions like “is this right?”. He is constantly striving for improvement. You can tell that he likes being coached and the feedback. Ben takes ownership of his workouts and his improvements. Ben has improved on his technique. He is definitely stronger. If Ben continues to approach his training in this manner, there’s no doubt he will improve. “

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