Sarah Goins

The Numbers:

40-Yard Dash 

5.32 seconds to 5.07 seconds


21.5 inches to 24 inches 

Broad Jump

7 feet 2 inches to 7 feet 6 inches 

Sarah started training at goperformance in early September. She’s a Starr’s Mill High School Track athlete and swimmer. When she started training she wanted to accelerate faster and to start faster from the blocks. She needed more power to run the hurdles with more precision and efficiency.  

Shortly after she started with us Sarah enrolled in Driver’s Education.  This class conflicted with her training so she decided to come in at 5:30 in the morning and train with the adults so she wouldn’t miss her sessions. Most high school students wouldn’t dream of waking up that early to work out but she is super dedicated.  

Often female athletes are not as dedicated to the process of training because they are usually in a group of mostly male athletes. We’ve seen this to be the case at our club. Sarah was committed to training even though she was often the only female in class most of the time.  She was determined to push herself even without the camaraderie of other female athletes. She’s an independent, focused athlete.  


We chose Sarah to be the Athlete of the Month because she has the willingness to improve, change and work hard. She is dedicated to her future as an athlete. It’s fun to watch her excitement and enthusiasm around her improvements. She said she wants to break the 5-second mark in her 40. If she did that, she’d be the first female to break the 5 second mark in the 40 at our club.  

She has amazing potential due to her hard work. 

From Sarah’s Parents:

We chose goperformance because of its track record of helping athletes improve, but more importantly they have a great reputation in the community. Our older daughter trained at goperformance and now she’s plays lacrosse at the collegiate level. Trust and results mattered to us. Lane’s positive words, while pushing her to do her best, have encouraged her. Her improvement in the past few weeks has just fueled her to work even harder to reach her goals. Her team workouts are great but the training at goperformance has allowed her to focus on specific goals. We appreciate and trust the staff at goperformance.


From Sarah:

Since training at goperformance, I have noticed so much improvement in my confidence in my sports. By going to goperformance, I hope to achieve faster times in both swimming and track, and I also hope to get myself into a routine of working out that can stick with me as I grow up. So far, I have seen great improvements in my times at swimming since last year. The track season has not started yet, but I am confident that my times will be much better! During my two weeks of Driver’s Ed, I made sure to be at goperformance in the mornings before school because I knew that if I did not, I could easily lose what progress I had made. In the next three months, my performance goals are to shave off time in my swimming season and get in the best shape that I can before track season starts. My favorite part of training at goperformance is that my body is now used to working out and I feel stronger and faster than I did before I joined. Also, I really enjoy the high school group that I workout with.  The people at goperformance really make it an enjoyable and encouraging place to be. Thank you!


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