A healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen with nutritious snacks and meals. Whether you are new to eating healthy or you are looking for new ideas to inspire you, we’ve covered it here.  

Meal Planning - Part 1 of 3

The key to eating healthy meals at home is to have a fully stocked pantry, fridge and freezer.  Here are our top 10 items to have on hand and how we use them.  

Meal Planning - Part 2 of 3

This post is the second in a three-part meal planning series. Here are our five tips for successful meal planning.  

Meal Planning - Part 3 of 3

Here’s the last post in our three-part meal planning series. Now that your fridge and pantry are fully stocked and you’ve got a plan, here are six make-ahead recipes that you can make as part of your meal planning. We’ve got snacks, dinners and breakfast items all covered to make sure you are set up for success.  

Many people break from their healthy habits during the holidays. The holidays don’t have to derail all the good habits you’ve established. Holidays don’t have to come with the “gift” of five unwanted pounds. Read our holiday survival guide.  

These “energy bites” are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth but still pack a protein punch.  These are super easy to make and a favorite among kids and adults.  Consider packing these as a snack for school-aged kids.  

Getting out the door in the mornings can be hectic and we don’t always have time to make a full breakfast. These make-ahead parfaits are loaded with healthy fats and protein to jump-start your day or to have as an afternoon snack.  

Recent research is indicating that those who participate in fasting have lower body fat, decreased insulin sensitivity and less inflammation. Our article and subsequent video outlines the ins and outs of intermittent fasting.  

You just started your gym membership and you know you should be “healthier” but what does that mean? Here are five healthy habits that you can start today and many of them are simpler than you think.  

Smoothies are a great way to pack in a lot of nutrients in one serving. These three tasty smoothies are great to add to your routine. Our personal favorite - the mint mojito.  

Steel cut oats have tremendous health benefits like insoluble fiber and seven grams of protein in a serving. Traditionally cooked on the stove, they take 15-25 minutes but this recipe is “set it and forget it”. The recipe is naturally sweetened with apples and will definitely make your mornings smoother (and tastier). 

If you have grown tired of granola or protein bars, this recipe is a great change-up. These “treats” are great to serve to adults and kids. These are no-bake and can be prepared in about 10 minutes.  

Water is crucial to performance and overall health. Are you getting enough water for your body and are you getting it at the right time? Our article will help you figure out how to hydrate effectively. 


Nutrition articles written by Payden Montgomery
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

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