Jackson Bylsma 

go performance Client Since 2012

I have been training at goperformance since middle school to increase my speed, strength, and durability. Without the training of Lane, Treon, and Louis, I would not have been able to achieve my life long dream of playing collegiate football. There are three things that stand out the most to me: the emphasis on perfect form before lifting heavy weight, doing lifts that build your smaller, usually neglected muscle groups, and the stretching and movement to prevent injury. Training at goperformance has made me a far better athlete than I would have been on my own. Not only is the training great, but the camaraderie among the trainers and fellow members is unlike anywhere else; I not only consider them my trainers, but also my close friends. Thanks to Lane and his staff, I have become a better athlete and a better man.  Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend goperformance to other young athletes.  Jackson will be playing linebacker for Carnegie Mellon in the Fall of 2018.

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