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When I started going to goperformance I would work out by myself doing P90X or some other type of video in the corner of the gym.  I was able to get some results doing these workouts.  However, after a while they didn’t really motivate me, maybe because I would do them solo.  Lane and Payden would often talk to me in between exercises, trying to get me to participate in the classes at goperformance Finally, after my workouts became very stale I decided to try the classes for a week. I was instantly hooked. 

Over the years, I had developed some bad habits and technique. Now that I am in the adult training classes, I appreciate the trainers correcting my bad form so that I don’t hurt myself.  It really has been nice just showing up and having the trainer already have the workout ready for you to execute.  They are constantly changing it up to keep you interested and engaged.  In a group setting you tend to work harder to try and keep up with the others in the class.

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