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I have done some sort of weight-based training multiple times a week nearly every week since I was 15.  I loved my high school and college weight coaches and saw great results in my performance based on the sport-specific programs they designed for me.  After college, I continued to train and have done lots of different things in an effort to stay in shape.  Hands down, I have gotten more out of my training at goperformance than I have from anything else I have done.  Since I started at goperformance, I have not ever considered stopping or looking for other training options.  Despite the great weight coaches I had growing up, I have learned more, been challenged more, and seen better results working with the coaches at goperformance.  I love the relationships that I have developed with them and the other folks that are part of the morning crew.  Kendall and I regularly talk about how much we love goperformance and the difference it has made in our lives since we started going.  Between the workouts and the sense of community - Lane, Payden, and the coaches have created something that has become critical to our overall well-being.


I started working out at goperformance in 2013 when my youngest child was two years old.   I had not been a member of a gym since moving to Georgia in 2008, but had been working out with weights in my basement.  With four young children, that was the most convenient way to get in daily exercise. The first time I visited goperformance, I was hooked.  I've been an athlete for many years and I realized how much I missed being pushed by coaches and working hard to see results.  I can do pull-ups for the first time in my life at the age of 37!  I’m proud to admit that I am addicted to goperformance… the staff, the workouts, and my 5:30 am family. 

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