Kevin and Laura O’Neill 

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I started coming to goperformance a couple of years ago. My wife, Laura, had been coming to goperformance since it opened and convinced me to give it a try. I had never done cross-training prior to attending goperformance and I was somewhat skeptical that I'd get a good workout. I was wrong. The constant changing of exercises, intensity and fast pace was great. I attend classes a few days every week and the workouts are new and challenging every time.  Lane, Payden and all of the coaches are great. They take any aches or pains I may have and adjust my exercise to modify and compensate for these. 

Since my first day at goperformance I leave the gym thinking that I have been challenged and invigorated  I love making goperformance a part of my routine! 


I have been a member of goperformance since it opened in 2012 but I have been training with Lane since 2008. I consider myself to be a "Montgomery Devotee" and would follow them anywhere.  Because of Lane and Payden and the entire goperformance staff, I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while balancing work, family and school. The staff at goperformance is committed to continuous professional learning and development. They ensure they stay at the top of their game which helps me stay at the top of mine. There is a focus not only on personal training but also on nutrition, flexibility, and overall health with special care taken through small group coaching to ensure we remain injury free. My morning workout is my favorite time of the day with some of my favorite people. I will be forever grateful to Lane, Payden, and the goperformance staff for helping me prioritize my health.

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