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After an unexpected need for spine surgery and an older fused heel surgery, I knew I needed help gaining my strength and balance back from years of atrophy.  The need to address my physical issues became a priority when my charity, Pedal for Pets, was approached to be the benefactor of a team of cyclists for the Race Across America Team (RAAM).  I was asked to be a part of their racing cycling team. RAAM is considered the toughest bicycle race in the nation.  It’s a race that covers 3000 miles across 12 states.  It’s about 30% longer than the Tour de France and racers are asked to complete the race in less time without rest days.  

To be asked to be a part of the RAAM Team is such an honor.  It was also an incredible opportunity for me to be the spokesperson for my own charity on a national and international platform. I knew I had to not only look the part but I had to perform during the race.  That’s when I reached out to Lane Montgomery and the team at goperformance.

I had one year before the race to put together a rebuilding and strengthening program.  We modified the program along the way and added heart-rate training with the MYZONE Heart Rate Monitor System.  All the training at goperformance was off the bike.  I supplemented the goperformance training with riding my bike - I even rode to goperformance and back some days.  

During this time I was able to get my whole family involved at goperformance and each person was able to specifically train for their needs including college scholarship tennis and football players.

The RAAM Race was a high point of my life and I felt great the entire week of riding!  Every time I hit the bike I was able to push harder demand more from my body physically.  I was even able to to cover other shifts when my teammates needed a break or had a mechanical issue with the bike.  

The staff at goperformance was so helpful in keeping me focused and I felt they were genuinely invested in my success.  They even helped support Team Pedal for Pets with water bottle sales and Payden Montgomery participated in our “Strong is the New Skinny Fashion Show” to raise money.  I can honestly say that goperformance is a MAJOR factor in my success both on and off the road. Continuing to workout at goperformance is a blessing for my family and I am truly grateful.

For more about Wendy’s RAAM experience and photos from the race, check out this blog post recapping her experience.

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