Christmas shopping has already begun and I want to give you some ideas for the workout enthusiast in your life.  Or maybe you can use this list to inspire your own  Christmas list.  Some of these items, I have and love.  Others are on my Christmas wish list.  All of these items are available on Amazon and can come right to your door.  It doesn’t get much easier that that!

1. Pre-Workout:

If you’ve outgrown your pre-workout or you need a little boost in the morning, HYDE is one of my favorite pre-workout supplements.  The orange one tastes like Tang and gives you the boost that you need to finish strong without the jittery, flushed feeling that some other pre-workouts do.  



2. WODies – Gloves and Wrist Support

After all the barbell movements and overhead presses, your callused hands and tired wrists might need a break.  WODies to the rescue! They make these for men and for women.  The “glove” part of the product covers the place where your palms take a beating from the barbell.  The wrist strap part is great to offer extra support while doing push-ups, presses and protection from kettle-bell movements.  I recently got a pair and have really been pleased!

WODies 2in1

3. Branched-chain Amino Acids

BCAA’s are a crucial supplement in our house.  Our son calls this “muscle syrup”.  BCAA’s are essential to workout performance and recovery. BCAA’s aide in protein synthesis and have been proven to boost performance.  The ones below are grape flavored but they come in several flavors.  We supplement with BCAA’s on training days during the workout.  They can also be taken on non-training days if you need a non-caffeine boost to help you get through that mid-day slump. 

XTend BCAA’s Grape 

4. Vitamix Blender  

If your Santa has a hefty Christmas savings fund, then write him for a Vitamix.  We purchased one several years ago with the commitment to not order smoothies out and make our own.  I use it for so many things like hot soups, ice cream, smoothies, salad dressings and making my own nut butters.  It’s incredibly versatile and you probably won’t ever have to buy a blender again.  This one has the 64 ounce container which is great to make a batch of smoothies for the entire family. 

Vitamix Blender

5. TRX Suspension Training System

If you or someone on your Christmas list travels a lot or you love to travel on the weekends then invest in the TRX.  You will never have a bad workout on the road again!  It’s durable and so functional for working out on the go.  We’ve put ours around a palm tree before to squeeze in a workout on the beach.  It only weighs a few pounds and can go anywhere.  You won’t have an excuse not to workout on the road.  


6. Perform Better Mini Resistance Bands 

These are also great for travel.  They weigh next to nothing and can easily slip into your travel bag for a workout on the go.  If you have someone on your list that has a home gym then they might like a set of these to add to their equipment. 

Perform Better Mini Bands

7. Cross Training Shoes - Women

No Christmas list is complete without a pair (or two) of shoes.  These training shoes are a great cross between a minimalist trainer and a lifting shoe.  The back is stable and firm like a lifting shoe but you can do lateral and linear movements in them as well.  And they are pretty stylish which doesn’t hurt!

Nike Women’s MetCon 2

8. Cross Training Shoes - Men

A favorite style for the men:

Nike Men’s MetCon 2

9. Travel Foam Roller

You know exactly that feeling after riding in the car or after hopping off the plane – stiff and sore.  The travel foam roller will fit into a book bag or suitcase so you can roll out tight, sore muscles anywhere.  This one is actually on my list.  

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

10. Knee Sleeves 

Knee sleeves are a great addition to a gym bag.  They are great when you’re doing squats or lunges to give those knees a little bit of extra support.  We’ve found these to be reliable and supportive. 

Men’s Knee Sleeves

11. Women’s Knee Sleeves

Women’s Knee Sleeves

12. Protein Bars

The RX bars are a great change up for the person who is always snacking on a protein bar.  Many of their bars are Whole30 approved.  They are tasty without any added fillers.

RX Bar Variety Box

13. Jump Rope

If the gym jump rope has you frustrated or you want to practice those double-unders on the weekends, then grab a jump rope and hop to it!  This is a great jump rope that you can throw into your gym bag or take with you for a workout anywhere.  It comes with adjustable handles and extra cable.

Jump Rope

14. Protein Gummies 

Protein gummies are great for the athlete on your list or for the person with a little sweet tooth. These pack a nice little protein punch in a chewy gummy.  They are great for your backpack or to kill that hunger craving in the afternoon.  These would make a great stocking stuffer. 

RAP Protein Gummies 

That’s the list.  I hope this is helpful as you buy for the fitness buff in your life or if you simply use this to make your own Christmas wish-list!  What would you add?

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