Bryce Burnett

Our athlete of the month for April demonstrates perseverance and determination. Those attributes have helped him see improvements in his overall athleticism - both at the gym and in his sports. Bryce Burnett has been coming to goperformance for almost two years. He’s a sixth grader at Landmark Christian School. Check out his performance and notes from his parents and Coach Lane. 

“Bryce has improved so much since being at goperformance.  As a sixth grader, he benches more than 100 pounds.  He is able to squat 135 pounds. He’s also able to clean more than 100 pounds,” says Coach Lane. 

“Bryce’s intensity and willingness to learn and improve is contagious in our group session. It makes it so much fun to have him at goperformance. I am personally so proud of Bryce and his improvements. I look forward to watching him grow as an athlete and a person,” adds Lane. 

From Bryce’s parents:

Why did you choose goperformance for your son?

We choose go performance because of its reputation and the leadership that Lane and Payden exhibit to the members and the Peachtree City community.

What have you noticed the most since Bryce has started training with goperformance?

Bryce has improved his fitness level dramatically and has acquired considerably more confidence in himself both on and off the field. Bryce's overall feeling of health has improved. He’s learned types of exercises and movement at goperformance as well as a lot about proper nutrition.  

He has made numerous friends at goperformance as well as learned a ton from his coaches on pushing himself to be the best he can be and encourage others in his peer group to do the same. Overall, goperformance has been a fantastic place for our son to learn about fitness, grow athletically, spiritually, and learn how to lead.

From Bryce:

What do you enjoy about training at goperformance?

I like the size of the classes which allows me to get personalized training. The coaches are so encouraging and motivating.  

How have you improved since training at goperformance?

I have become a lot faster, quicker and stronger in both of my sports at Landmark Christian School - football and wrestling. My aerobic ability was not good when I started at goperformance but it has improved drastically. 

What are your goals for your next season of training?

I want to increase my strength in my legs. I also want to get stronger in my upper body so I can do more pull ups and bench press my body weight.

Bryce at Venice Beach

Bryce at Venice Beach

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