Ben Bodne

Ben is a sophomore at Starr’s Mill and our Athlete of the Month. Ben is a hard worker. He’s focused and coachable. Ben always wants to improve and get better.He doesn’t complain about the workout or the training program. He has a desire for excellence. He is respectful and a leader in our high school classes.  

I am looking forward to seeing him play football this fall to truly see how his hard work has paid off. A lot of kids are just training half-heartedly – like 50/50.  Ben is committed 100% to the programs, the work and the desire to improve. 


He’s extremely focused. Because he’s been in track this winter/spring he’s only been able to come in about one time per week. Even though he’s not under our direction several times per week, he’s truly bought in to the process of becoming a better athlete and his diligence will pay off. He practices the drills and skills we’ve taught him, works hard in the weight room at school and gives it his all. 

The Numbers

Broad Jump

8 feet 6 inches to 9 feet


23 inches to 26.6 inches

Power Clean

185 pounds for 1 to 255 pounds for 1

From Ben’s Parents

1.  Why did you choose goperformance for Ben?

We chose goperformance for Ben because we want him to learn from knowledgeable, experienced instructors who teach proper technique. We have tried other facilities, but nothing compares to the training received by Lane and his staff. The individual instruction and hands-on method of teaching are impressive. 

2. What improvements have you noticed in Ben since he’s been training here?

We have noticed that Ben has increased his overall strength, and improved his speed and agility. But most of all, we have seen an increase in his confidence. We are impressed with Ben’s determination in setting goals and his work ethic in trying to reach those goals.


3. How does the training here set apart from other places that you may have tried or considered?

The attention paid by Lane and all of the trainers Ben works with has been made apparent by his improved abilities. We have noticed, along with his coaches, the difference goperformance has made in Ben’s sporting events. His track coach has been impressed with how much faster Ben is running and his football coaches have definitely noticed the amount of muscle been has put on in the off season. 

4. Anything else you would like us to know?

We can’t say enough about the instruction Ben has received since training with Lane and staff. Our experience has been nothing but positive. Watching our son become a more confident athlete and witnessing the hard work he puts into it is very rewarding.

From Ben

1. What improvements have you noticed since training here at goperformance?

With the help of Lane and other trainers at goperformance, I have gotten much faster and stronger. 


2. What are your goals for the next 6 months?

I hope to start on varsity football for the upcoming season, and I hope to continue to get stronger and faster.  

3. What do you enjoy most about training?

I enjoy learning from Lane and the other trainers about how to be a better athlete. I also enjoy seeing the positive results from the hard work I have put into training.

4. What have your coaches said or noticed about you since you’ve been training here?

My football coaches have noticed my power clean max improve and overall strength increase. My football and track coaches have commented on how much faster I have gotten. 

5. What motivates you to continue training in the midst of a busy and demanding track season?

If I don’t continue my training, I will lose all of the progress I’ve made. I know after track, I will be moving on to football, so that keeps me motivated as well. I am always setting goals and once reaching them; I set more. 

6. Anything else you would like us to know?

I would like to thank all of the trainers for helping me improve as an athlete and helping me to continue reaching my goals. Also, I would like to thank Lane, who trains me in private sessions. He puts in as much work to help me improve as I do. 


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