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Hudson Orgeron

It’s not often we get to train an athlete without breaks. Many athletes take frequent breaks to participate in their sport. Hudson has been training at goperformance for nearly two years without a break. The results show. Hudson and his U14 Hockey Team just won the national championship this Spring. We are thrilled to feature him as the first athlete to be honored as “Athlete of the Month” twice!

The Numbers (May 2018 - April 2019)

20 Yard Dash

3.19 seconds to 2.97 seconds


5.09 seconds to 4.87 seconds

Broad Jump

80 inches to 85 inches


2 inch improvement

From Mr. and Mrs. Orgeron:

Hudson has been training here at goperformance without taking a break since the summer of 2017.  How has his consistency in training impacted his performance?

Hudson is always prepared to skate even when he’s had time off from hockey due to holidays and summer break.

What have you noticed about his performance and strength since he’s been training at goperformance?

He’s faster and definitely a stronger hockey player as a result of the training program at goperformance. His confidence is also much higher.

Hudson is on skates for his sport.  How does the training, running mechanics and strength training translate to the ice?

Hockey is a sport where athletes use all muscle groups to develop their craft. To explain, hockey players take what’s called shifts. 45 seconds to a minute per shift. This may seem short but they spend this time with their knees bent, sprinting and changing direction all while balancing on a blade 1/8 of an inch wide. Their bodies are put through a gauntlet of obstacles, getting hit by opposing players whose job is to stop them from scoring goals. They need the swing of a golfer, the balance of a figure skater, the speed of a sprinter, the physical strength of a football player, the focus of a sharp shooter, and the stamina of a soccer player.

Thanks in part to the fitness training from the goperformance coaches, Hudson is able to play hockey at an elite level and win a national championship.

Hudson O.jpeg

From Hudson:

What have you noticed since training here at goperformance?

I am a lot stronger and faster.

As a busy athlete, how do you manage the demands of school, travel, tournaments, practice and workouts?

Managing all of the activities I do isn’t that difficult. I train at goperformance on the days I don’t have hockey, and I can do my school work on the drive up to practice.

How did training at goperformance help prepare you for the National Title Game?

The training I have gotten has helped me so much.  I have more endurance and I don’t really get pushed around that much anymore either.

What are your performance goals for the next six months?

I just want to keep improving in all aspects. I want to get stronger, and faster.

“I am very grateful for all the hard work the coaches put into this job.  They are in that gym all day helping out people that want to get better and that are working for an end goal. These guys have done a great job so thank you so much”

From Coach Louis

“Hudson has grown into a leader not through his words, but through his actions. He’s not a big talker, but he will speak up when he needs more clarification on how to execute a drill. Hudson is relentless in his efforts to improve his ability to get faster and more agile. We can tell when an athlete gets it. Hudson finally gets it! This is evident when he asks for feedback on how to improve on a movement.  You will catch Hudson leading the demos in class because he now has a better understanding on how to apply the movements he has learned and applies it when he plays hockey. His hard work and effort helped him and his team become national champions! It is a pleasure coaching Hudson!”

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