Sumner Hahn

Out athlete of the month for August is our first female athlete of the month. Sumner Hahn is in sixth grade at Landmark Christian School. She’s a hard-worker and has certainly earned this accolade. She’s a runner, cyclist and enjoys roller blading!

The Numbers:

Broad Jump

4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 4 inches (9 inch improvement)

Vertical Jump

4-inch improvement

40 Yard Dash

7.1 seconds to 6.43 seconds 

From Art and Robin, her parents:

Why did you choose goperformance?

We chose goperformance because they have class for younger athletes. It’s appropriate for her age group and the workouts have lots of variety. Our son has also participated in the goperformance workouts so we thought it would be a great fit for her too. 

What is the biggest difference you've noticed in her since she’s been training?

She is far more coordinated and her strength has really improved. Overall she seems more focused. She looks forward to attending goperformance each day.

What would you tell a parent considering having their son or daughter training at goperformance?

Definitely have your child go! The improvement you will see is amazing.

Anything else you want to add about training?

The variety is a plus and the classes are fun for the youth. She gets a lot of meaningful and positive encouragement from the coaches and that keeps her motivated. 

From Sumner:


What do you enjoy the most about training?

I like deadlifting the most. 

What training are you most proud of?

When I first started I was only deadlifting the 15-pound training bar. Now I can easily deadlift 75 pounds. I am much stronger. 

What’s a goal you’ve set for yourself in the next six months?

To get better and faster at running. 

What types of skills are you learning at goperformance make the most difference for you in your sport?

Agility and coordination has helped me the most. 

From Coach Lane:

What’s it like training Sumner?

She is ambitious. She is always willing to try new things and has no fear of failure. That’s a great quality! She’s completely focused on working hard to improve herself. She genuinely tries to get every movement correct.  She’s meticulous about her training.  

How have you seen her improve since training at goperformance?

Sumner’s knees used to collapse in badly when jumping. She couldn’t generate a lot of power on her jumps, nor was she able to decelerate well on her jump landings or stopping. This impacted her change of direction and linear speed. Now, Sumner does a much better job on her landing and change direction.  Her dad says that she works on her running mechanics at home on her own. She looks so much better running and jumping. Overall she’s moving much better. Of course, she’s getting significantly stronger.  

I love that she’s independently trying to improve. It seems like she wants to get better “for her” not necessarily for anyone else or to prove anything to anyone else but herself. It’s a very cool thing to witness in a young athlete, especially a female. I am proud of the progress that she’s made and enjoy training her.

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