Cody Colston

Our athlete of the month is Landmark eighth grader, Cody Colston.  Cody plays basketball and soccer.  

The Numbers – Current Metrics as of August 2018

40 Yard Dash

5.63 seconds

Broad Jump

6 feet, 3 inches

10 Yard Dash

1.81 seconds 


15.2 inches

5-10-5 Shuttle

5.08 seconds 

From Coach Louis

Cody is my vote for AOM because of his drive, his determination and willingness to work during each session. Cody listens intently to instruction and applies correction when given feedback. He knows he's not the strongest in the class, but he's working tirelessly to master the Olympic lift techniques so he can continue to build his strength. He's very coachable and works hard to apply the information he's learning with each class.  As long as Cody stays consistent and focused on improving, he'll reach his performance goals and have improved performance this upcoming season

From Cody’s Parents

What made you choose goperformance for Cody?

He had some friends who had taken classes and really liked goperformance. The workouts are age appropriate and the flexibility of the schedule works well for us. Cody has worked with Coach Lane & Coach Louis and really likes both of them. They have both provided great instruction and have been so encouraging to him. 

What differences have you noticed in Cody so far?

I have noticed he is stronger, but more importantly, I have seen an increase in his self-confidence and motivation. 

What do you think he enjoys the most about training?

I think he leaves each time with a sense of accomplishment and enjoys the class environment.


What do you hope he gets out of his training here at goperformance?

I hope Cody gains strength, speed, agility and continues to grow more confident. I would love to see his efforts make him a more competitive athlete.

From Cody

What do you like about training at goperformance?

I like the coaches and how nice they are.

How have you improved since coming to goperformance?

I have gotten stronger, faster, and more skilled in many different areas.

What’s your favorite thing about the classes?

I like the variety of lifts we do.

What goals have you set for yourself when it comes to training?

My main goal is to keep pushing myself.

How do you think training at goperformance will help you with your sport?

I think it will make me faster and more athletic.

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