Sherman Dewey

The athlete of the month for February is Sherman Dewey. Sherman is a senior at Northgate High School. He began training in June of 2016 for cross country and track. He’s improved in the past few months and he’s reaping the benefits of his training already early in the track season. 

The Numbers:

40 yard dash

5.17 seconds to 4.66 seconds


5 inch increase


4.8 seconds to 4.34 seconds

Broad Jump

7 feet 10 inches to 8 feet 6 inches


Sherman, how has training at goperformance impacted you the most?

The most recognizable improvement is my overall strength.  I am much stronger than I was when I started. 

What words would you use to describe the workouts?

Intense.  Strength Training.  Conditioning. Focused

What do you enjoy the most about training at goperformance?

I leave knowing that I am going to improve in my sport.  I worked hard and I know that I am improving in my workouts and in track. 

Lane, describe the Sherman’s attitude during his workouts?

Sherman is an intellectual learner.  He likes to know the “why” behind a workout or a drill.  This makes him excel because he learns the concepts and the principles so that can apply them appropriately. He is a fast learner and very coachable. 

Lane, what’s the biggest improvement that you’ve seen in Sherman?

His linear speed and his power have increased.  He ran a 52 second 400 meter dash last year.  I foresee him running the 400 meter in under 50 seconds this year, perhaps even 48 seconds.  His 800 meter race was a 1:59 last year and I believe that he will be able to complete that race in 1:55 this year.  His mile last year was 4:45.  He’s already taken 15 seconds off that early this season in track and it’s down to 4:30.  

I hope that this year is an exceptional year for him this year, especially as a senior.  He’s worked very hard and I have seen the improvements.  I look forward to seeing how he completes this season. 

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