Greg Pulliam

Greg came to goperformance to prepare him to try out for Arena Football. He’s our featured athlete this month due to his improvements and incredible work ethic. Greg just signed to play for the Peach State Cats, an Arena Football League for Georgia.

The Numbers


28.5 inches to 30 inches

Broad Jump

8 feet 9 inches to 9 feet 6 inches

40 Yard Dash

4.95 seconds to 4.67 seconds

5-10-5 Shuttle

4.57 seconds to 4.18 seconds

L Cone

8.03 seconds to 7.2 seconds

From Greg

I decided to train with Lane at goperformance after doing some research and seeing how qualified he was in the areas of speed training and sport performance. When we started, my goals were to improve my 40 yard time, my short shuttle, overall speed and change of direction. Lane prepared me for every aspect of the 2018 Arena Combine by working in areas of linear speed, change of direction, and how to test well in these areas-not simply to run them to run them but to run them with a purpose and in a way that would give me the best chance to be successful.

I performed well at the combine running a 4.67 second 40, and a 4.18 short shuttle. I had confidence going into the day in my ability to perform because of all the work that Lane and I had put in. After signing with the Peach State Cats, I look forward to playing well on the field this season. I believe my training with Lane will reflect in my performance. I don’t know of anyone better than Lane to have in your corner to prepare yourself to perform at a high level.

From Coach Lane

Greg came to goperformance with a goal to improve his speed and agility for a combine. He had a tight timeline and we had to really focus for eight weeks to get him ready. He came to me with a lot of training experience and a lot of talent. Sometimes that translates to a big ego and hard-headedness but Greg wasn’t that at all. He put all his previous experience and training from other coaches to the side and was eager to learn. He did extra stuff on his own to get better. Greg had confidence in his abilities and confidence in the fact that he was going to improve. He just needed the nuances and athletic refinement to get him to where he needed to be. We worked on linear acceleration, strength, top-end speed mechanics, change of direction and his horizontal power. He is a disciplined athlete, smart and a high-training IQ. He is going to do well in whatever he pursues – whether that’s arena ball or a career. He’s determined, disciplined, smart and wise. We are excited about his season with the Peach State Cats.

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