Micah McAllister

Micah McAllister is our Athlete of the Month for January.  He began training with goperformance in November.  Micah plays baseball and football for Landmark Christian School.  Below you'll find the metrics on how he's improved as well what he said about his training experience at goperformance.  

The Numbers:


16 inches to 18 inches (2 inch increase)

Broad Jump:

5.7 feet to 6.5 feet (10 inch increase)

40 Yard Dash:

6.19 seconds to 5.84 seconds (.35 second improvement)

What is the one that that you enjoy the most about training at goperformance? 

The atmosphere is great.  Everyone is so nice and encouraging.  Coach Lane knows how to challenge and push my limits.  He's always sharing stories about work ethic and improvements that other athletes have made.  It motivates me to work hard each session. 

Where have you seen the most improvement?

I have seen the most improvement in my running form and consequently I am faster.  Coach Lane uses videos to help me see my mistakes and make improvements in my form.  It's real-time feedback. 

How has training at goperformance helped you in your sports?

I am definitely more explosive and quick.  I am able to get to the baseball faster and make plays.  It's given me more power at the plate.  I am already looking forward to football season because I know I will be faster and stronger.  

From Coach Lane:

The reason I chose Micah for Athlete of the Month is because he works so hard during each training session.  He is enthusiastic and has a sincere desire to improve.  He's coachable and gets enjoyment from seeing his improvements and strides.  I am looking forward to coaching him over the next few months as he prepares for his sports

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