Reagan Corley

Our athlete of the month is Reagan Corley. Reagan is a junior volleyball player at McIntosh High School. When she first came to goperformance she needed to get stronger and more stable for her sport. She also needed to increase her vertical.  

Reagan is our featured athlete because she has been consistent and she’s a hard worker. Most girls at her age are choosing to be with friends over training for a sport. Reagan demonstrates independence and confidence because she’s able to walk into a training session with mostly boys and perform really well. She’s not intimidated by being the only female. She’s determined. When there’s a movement that she can’t do or a drill she’s not doing well at, she’s is determined to improve. She doesn’t get frustrated – she simply puts her mind to it.  

Since being in our training programs she’s improved on all of our measurements. In addition to improving on our performance metrics, she’s continued to demonstrate more confidence, more security in her athletic abilities and she’s becoming more proficient at skilled movements. This season in volleyball, I think she will do really well.  She’s a great athlete to begin with so the fact that she’s put some specialized training around her athleticism she’s going to be stronger on blocking, hitting and quicker getting to the ball. I am excited to see how she does this season in volleyball.  

The Numbers

40 Yard Dash

5.7 seconds to 5.45 seconds

5-10-5 Shuttle Run

5.5 seconds to 4.9 seconds


18.6 inches to 22 inches

Broad Jump

7 feet to 7 feet 7 inches 

From Phil and Janine Corley

Why did you choose goperformance for Reagan?

I have been fortunate to workout at goperformance and knew that it would benefit Reagan on multiple levels.

What improvements were you hoping to see for her?

Increase in strength, endurance and her vertical.

What does she enjoy the most about training at goperformance?

The challenge

What improvements have you noticed since she's been attending?

All performance levels have improved.  It will be fun to see how her training will translate over to her upcoming volleyball season.

Questions for Reagan

Why do you like training at goperformance?

I love the energy in the gym and the trainers are always up lifting. 

What improvements have you noticed since coming in the gym?

All around I’ve been able to work myself harder than I ever have before.

What goals have you set for yourself for training over the next few months?

To keep pushing through until I’m the best I can be.

What is your favorite thing about coming to goperformance?

I love all the trainers and the friends I’ve made while I’ve been at goperformance. They push me to be the best I can be.

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