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KONOS Athletic Director, Michelle Villars, and a KONOS Parent, Josh Thornton approached goperformance about a partnership for their athletes.

Describe training at goperformance in three words: Structured, Customized and Beneficial

KONOS athletes began training with goperformance and fitness two times per week in March.  Their goals were to increase strength, overall athleticism and running mechanics. 

From Josh Thornton, Parent:

What made you choose goperformance for your KONOS athletes?

We selected goperformance because of the high level of trust and confidence we have in the goperformance team based on our interaction with them over a number of years. We have been able to observe them from the perspective of a client who trains with them, whose kids train with them and as a professional physical therapist and have witnessed their professional, results-oriented approach that takes into account the specific need of the client/group while maintaining a focus on safety and excellence.

What improvements have you seen in the athletes?

We have seen our teams improve in speed, explosiveness, change of direction, body control, overall strength, confidence and a development of a better general understanding of how our athletes’ bodies work and achieve maximum performance and a general improvement in personal confidence.

How does our programming differ from just getting “exercise”?

goperformance worked with us to create a customized program that was tailored to the specific areas our staff wanted to focus on for our athletes.  In addition, they were able to make adjustments based on the age, gender and experience level of each group.  They communicated regularly and provided us with measurable results.  Based on the results, they worked with our staff to modify future sessions to further focus on new and additional areas of growth.

What do the kids say about training at goperformance?

The kids on our teams love the atmosphere, coaches and training regimen at goperformance. It the right blend of fun, challenge and encouragement.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We are grateful for the goperformance team and appreciate their investment in our athletes.  We highly recommend them to coaches, athletes and/or individuals, at all levels who are looking for growth and results in a clean and safe training environment that focuses on the safety and best interest of the client, including their specific goals and needs.

From Coach Lane

As a whole, the group listened well and were very coachable.  The athletes are eager to learn and get stronger.  They knew that they didn’t have a lot of experience so it was fun to watch how they took on the training – learning technique, running mechanics, change of direction and their strength training.  I challenged some of the athletes that were having a hard time keeping their form on lifts to work on the movements at home.  Several of them took my advice and within a few weeks, they improved it. 

 After their training, they are faster, more athletic, stronger and more prepared for their sports.  There’s truly a lot of synergy when you partner with a school because the athletes are far more consistent.  The programs have a bigger impact on the athletes because they are coming consistently and the school/coaches support our programs.  The kids seem excited because they see their improvements and they notice the difference when they practice or play their sport.  We are excited to partner with them again this Fall. 

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