Zak Feigen

Zak Feigen is our athlete of the month for June. Zak has been attending goperformance for ten months. He came to goperformance with his grandmother, Kelley Mitchell. Zak attends Booth Middle School where he will be an eighth grader this fall.



When Zak started training at goperformance, he could only squat the barbell. Now he’s consistently squatting more than 100 pounds. This is his biggest improvement.

40-Yard Dash:

Because he improved his squat so much, this led to him getting a lot faster. His 40-yard dash was 7.2 seconds and now he’s running it in 6.5 seconds.


Due to his lower body strength his vertical improved by four inches.

From Zak:

Zak, how has training at goperformance impacted you?

goperformance has really improved my confidence. I was very shy and withdrawn when I first started. I was concerned about my weight. Now I am much more confident and I feel so much better. I am also a lot stronger.

What’s the training like at goperformance?

I really enjoy the Middle School program. The other kids are my age. It’s fun but also competitive. Everyone in the group encourages each other during the workout.

What are you looking forward to this fall?

I am looking forward to trying out for football. I am so much faster and stronger than before.
goperformance athlete Zak Feigen before and after photos.

goperformance athlete Zak Feigen before and after photos.

From Kelley, Zak’s grandmother:

Kelley, what have you noticed since Zak started training at goperformance?

Zak is truly a different kid now that he’s been training at goperformance. He’s grown into this mature, confident young kid. He’s now making healthy choices – he tries to watch what he eats. He is now opting for waters over sodas.

Kelley, why did you choose goperformance?

Lane and the other coaches are great at pushing and encouraging the kids, but keeping safety and technique the first priority. The fact that Zak and I can come to the gym and get in a good workout is such a great benefit. We help hold each other accountable, make healthy eating choices together and we compare our workouts.
Zak is my biggest fan and I am his! We love goperformance. It’s been the best decision for us!

From Coach Lane:

Describe how Zak has improved:

Zak has lost a significant amount of body fat and put on lean muscle mass. He’s continually improving. I have noticed that his confidence has tremendously improved. He looks and performs so different than when he started last fall.

Why did you choose Zak as athlete of the month?

Zak consistently pushes himself and works at a high level of precision and accuracy. He doesn’t cut corners. Zak is a lot of fun to have in our middle school classes because he takes it seriously. He encourages other participants in the class to rise to his level because he is so focused.
I look forward to seeing how he improves athletically and his character as well over this next season.

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