Riley Earl

Our athlete of the month for March is a student at Trinity Christian School. Riley is in seventh grade. She swims, plays volleyball and next year hopes to play lacrosse.

Riley has been training off and on at goperformance in between seasons for many years. She’s truly improved and we are thrilled to feature her this month.

The Numbers

40 Yard Dash

From 5.75 seconds to 5.31 seconds


From 5.1 seconds to 4.95 seconds

Broad Jump

From 78 inches to 84 inches

From Riley

What do you enjoy most about training at goperformance?

The trainers and how they work on my form and technique.

How has training at goperformance helped you improve athletically?

It's made me stronger and more confident in my ability.

Describe training at goperformance in three words.

Fun. Exciting. Rewarding

What makes training at goperformance fun?

The coaches and the new facility make me want to keep coming back.


From Riley’s Parents, Mark and Jodi

Why did you choose goperformance for Riley?

Riley's father has been training at goperformance for years so it’s a family tradition.

What benefits have you seen from her training?

She has more energy, strength and coordination when competing athletically.

How does it compliment what she does during her team practices?

Training at goperformance has given Riley an edge over her teammates due to the strength and endurance the training has instilled in her.

What changes have you noticed in her performance/athleticism since training at goperformance?

Riley along with all the Earl Kids who train at goperformance are able to train the right way which has translated to a stronger, fitter and more confident athletes on the playing field.

From Coach Louis

What stands out about Riley?

Riley has a strong work-ethic and an internal desire to improve. She isn’t incredibly vocal in class but she leads by doing. She is quick to take initiative to grab a taller box for jumps or add some pounds to the barbell for her next lift. When she speaks up in class, it’s usually to encourage someone else in the class. She is a leader in the class by trying to do better for herself.

Riley is very coachable. If I give her some insight to a movement that she needs to correct, she’s willing to adjust and correct it.

Riley is not afraid to lift weights and push herself. She’s is not intimidated by the boys. In fact, she will outlift some of the guys with good form and technique. I will use her as a demonstration because she can get into the right position and execute the movement correctly. I hope Riley has continued success as she trains and plays her sports. We love having her at goperformance.

Riley, pictured with her two brothers Reese and Ryan.

Riley, pictured with her two brothers Reese and Ryan.

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