Logan Brown

Our featured athlete for May had a pretty amazing finish to his soccer season a few weeks ago.  Logan Brown, a McIntosh soccer player, scored the winning goal in the State Championship earlier in May. He’s our athlete of the month for May!

Logan has been training with goperformance since the fall of 2016. He’s a great athlete with a bright future. We talked with Logan and his parents about his training, improvement and future goals.

The Numbers: (From September 2016 to February 2017)

Broad Jump

Increased by 7 inches


5-inch improvement

40 Yard Dash

5.32 seconds to 4.97 seconds


4.87 seconds to 4.45 seconds

From Logan’s parents, Tom and Holly

“Logan has been training as a team with goperformance through McIntosh Varsity Boys’ Soccer. How does goperformance compliment the “team” training he is doing with his soccer team?” I believe it actually sets the standard for team training since most teams don't have the time to train the little things (running mechanics, positioning, etc) to help their athletes perform better. Lane was able to work on these details with the team offsite to help them improve.

“What changes did you notice in Logan once he began training at goperformance?”

His confidence! He could feel he was getting stronger and faster. That showed when he got on the field to play soccer. 
Logan Brown on the soccer field

Logan Brown on the soccer field

“What made you choose goperformance for Logan?”

Logan knew a couple of friends that trained at goperformance but ultimately it was the coaching and location. We had tried some other facilities but they lacked the hands-on coaching and methodology that goperformance is able to provide. The athletes are supervised and coached the entire time.

“Your whole family trains at goperformance, describe that dynamic.  How does goperformance serve athletes and adults?”

It’s a great family atmosphere and great coaching. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. There’s so much guidance – you get the right coaching at the right moment, tailored for your needs.

From Logan:

“Congrats on scoring the winning goal for the State Championship! What was that moment like?”

Scoring a goal in the state title game was a dream come true. A couple of my friends and I had joked around about me scoring a goal and when it actually happened I couldn’t believe it. So, when we got the corner with about a minute left in the game I was running up to get in the box and was just praying that if the ball came to my foot that I would be able to score. And when it actually happened I couldn’t believe it. All I could think about doing was running and celebrating with our fans who came down to watch. It truly is one of the greatest sports accomplishments thus far in my life.

“How has training at goperformance prepared you for this competitive soccer season?”

goperformance prepared me by increasing my strength and fitness during my off-season. I had an advantage over other teammates who didn’t train in their offseason.

“What was it like having your team train with Lane this season at McIntosh and how did it help  you and your teammates?”

Training with Lane was always a great experience. As a team we were able to work on the little things like agility, quickness, and running mechanics. I felt like those areas really helped us improve our standard of play as an entire team.

“What are your goals for the off-season this summer?”

During this offseason I would like to continue working on getting quicker and stronger. I feel if I can improve a little bit more in those aspects I can really improve on my game.

“What was the biggest improvement (performance-wise) that you noticed since training at goperformance?”

Since I started training at goperformance I feel like my speed has been the biggest improvement and I just want to continue working on that.

From Coach Lane:

Logan improved so much in the fall of 2016 through the spring of 2017. I had the privilege to train the entire boys’ soccer team this spring, which reiterated technique and skills for the entire team. Logan was able to continue his training throughout the soccer season with his teammates. Most athletes stop training in-season. They lose some of their speed and power. Because he continued to train with his team, he was able to continue that momentum. Additionally, he stayed healthy the entire season. He and his team finished the season with no major injuries.
The McIntosh Boys’ Team ability to perform at 100% all season long gave them the competitive edge that they needed to bring home the state title. All the hard work and diligence that Logan invested over the course of the season truly paid off and helped him perform his best when it mattered most. This is a great lesson for all athletes – it’s the work that you put in months ago that matters now. It’s unrealistic to expect that a few weeks of training just before your season will yield the performance that you need. What we’ve seen in Logan’s case is that months of consistent hard work prior to the season and even during season was the key to success.
Logan with his parents family – Tom and Holly Brown and sister, Carly

Logan with his parents family – Tom and Holly Brown and sister, Carly

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