Brody Boerstler

Brody Boerstler is our Athlete of the Month. He’s one of our youngest athletes and has been working with Lane one-on-one for the past few months. He was recently selected to be a part of the Atlanta United Academy Team.

The Numbers

20 Yard Dash

3.62 seconds to 3.26 seconds

300m Shuttle

1:16 to 1:07

Beep Test at School

Improved 10 points and was one of the top scores this year at his school (an endurance test)

From Coach Lane

Three words that describe Brody – tenacious, happy and determined.  

I call him “Brody the Beast” because he is always in beast mode in the gym. I have to tell him to slow down and take his time on exercises. He is there to work hard and give it his all. He goes as hard as he can for as long as he can. He gets it from his mom!

When Brody started doing training with us at goperformance he wanted to get in shape for soccer and improve his overall endurance for school.  

Brody is only 9 years old. He’s our youngest athlete of the month. He already understands that in order to improve you have to practice. You can just sit by and hope to improve. He wants to win and has the mindset of a winner.  

Brody has signed with Atlanta United. I am so excited for him. It’s a true honor to be selected.  We joke with him that he’s the youngest sponsored athlete we’ve ever coached.


Questions for Brian and Meg Boerstler

Why did you choose goperformance for Brody?

goperformance has the flexibility to create workouts that meet the specific fitness goals we were looking for.

What improvements were you hoping to see for him?

We were looking to achieve better overall cardiovascular and body strength in a fun setting appropriate for his age.

What does Brody enjoy the most about training at goperformance?

The results and how it makes him feel on the field. Brody loves the training sessions and having fun with the coaches.

What improvements have you noticed since he’s been attending?

Brody’s fitness level on the field has helped set him apart from his competitors.

How do you think training at goperformance helped Brody make the ATLUTD Team?

Brody’s increased physicality has helped set him apart and improve his game.

What specifically has he improved upon at school - the metrics they use for endurance/fitness/conditioning?

Brody is the school leader in the pacer test.

What are his goals now that he’s made the ATLUTD U-12 Team?

Brody wants to continue to grow as a player – and that will be achieved through his mental and physical growth.

Questions for Brody

Why do you like training at goperformance?

I like the way I feel when I play soccer.

What makes it fun?

The trainers always push me but make me laugh and we have fun together.

What improvements have you noticed since coming to go?

I can breathe better and I feel stronger than my friends.

What goals have you set for yourself for training over the next few months?

I want to keep getting stronger and faster to help with my soccer.

What is your favorite thing about coming to goperformance?

I like the trainers and how they know what I need.  They are helping me so much.

How do you think training with Lane and Louis has helped you?

They always know what to do to help me and that make it so I’m not bored.

Describe how you feel about joining the ATLUTD Team?

I am very happy to make the team, I didn’t think something like this was possible for me.

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