Grant Montgomery is our Athlete of the Month for November 2016. He started training with us several years ago. This past summer he returned from playing sports to goperformance. He was training two times per week and increased his training to four to five times per week. He's seen tremendous improvement! We asked him his thoughts on training as well as what Coach Lane thinks about Grant's progress.



Increased 6 inches

40 Yard Dash

Went from 5.2 seconds to a 4.74 seconds

Broad Jump

Went from 8 feet 4 inches to 8 feet 11 inches

Grant had a few things to say about goperformance:

What's your favorite thing about goperformance?

"One of my favorite things about training at goperformance is that I am able to train with other athletes my age.  It's been fun building relationships with other high school athletes." 

Describe the coaches at go.

"The coaches have a great deal of passion for their work.  They have a high degree of knowledge in all aspects of training whether it is in lacrosse, football, track & field or weightlifting.  I leave goperformance knowing that I got a great workout and I  had fun doing it."

How has training helped you in lacrosse?

"Training at goperformance has helped me considerably as a lacrosse goalie. I am stronger, faster, have more endurance, can accelerate better and my reaction time at the goal has improved since training at goperformance. "

From Coach Lane

"The biggest thing that I noticed when he returned was his intensity with his running, jumping and lifting.  His mindset is a bit different this time around.  He has the "I WILL" mindset.  He's ready to work hard and comes in each day to give it his all.  He doesn't slack off.  He's got a great future ahead of him."

Congrats Grant Montgomery!

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