Jonathan Ulversoy

Jonathan is a senior at Starr’s Mill High School and has been training with goperformance since 2016.

The Numbers

40 Yard Dash

4.55 seconds to 4.3 seconds

10 Yard Start

1.48 seconds to 1.35 seconds

20 Yard Dash

2.58 seconds to 2.42 to seconds

Alan and Chrissy Ulversoy, Jonathan’s Parents

Why did you choose goperformance for Jonathan?

We first chose goperformance for Jonathan because he had a bunch of soccer friends who were training there, and we thought it would be a good idea for them to train as a group. After a short time, we realized there was more to the training than just helping with soccer performance. The individual improvement in strength, speed and agility was really impressive.

What improvements have you noticed?

Jonathan's commitment to improving his strength and improving his speed is the biggest change we have noticed. Before going to goperformance, he would work out, but it was sporadic and he never worked on speed. We didn't even realize he was as fast as he is until Lane started working with him, and basically brought it to light. Then other people started mentioning to us they noticed how fast Jonathan was on the soccer field. We see much more confidence in Jonathan also as a result of his training with Lane. He trusts Lane and thinks very highly of him, so he listens to what he tells him.

How does training here compliment what he’s doing in school and with his team?

We believe goperformance compliments Jonathan on the soccer field because the training has definitely made him faster. On the soccer field he is not just fast - he is lightning fast. He has a much smoother stride and makes running look effortless. He wins balls on the soccer field because he gets to them first. He challenges other players on the field because he has confidence that he can get by them.


The training he receives from Lane is more than sports related. Lane is a mentor to Jonathan as well. He has helped improve Jonathan's confidence in his abilities by believing in him, pushing him to the right degree and advising him on new pursuits, like sprinting for track. Jonathan would have never believed he could be a sprinter if it wasn't for Lane's knowledge on the sport, and his confidence in Jonathan to pursue it. Lane is a positive influence on Jonathan, not only for coaching/training, but for teenage-boy advising as well!

We are really pleased with all the trainers at goperformance. Jonathan comes home telling us what he learned or did with the other trainers like Treon and Louis. He feels he gets good training with any of the people there. goperformance has made a much bigger impact on Jonathan than we realized at first. Everyone has helped him to grow and believe in himself, which to a teenage boy headed to college, is truly invaluable.

From Jonathan

Why do you like training at goperformance?

I love that all the trainers here care about each athlete and will work with him or her individually. Each training session is different every time I attend. I feel like I get stronger and faster after each session.

What improvements have you noticed since training at goperformance? I have really improved on my speed and most importantly how I run. I have also gotten a lot stronger – my bench, power clean and squat have all improved.

What are your performance goals?

My goals are to continue getting stronger, quicker and faster. I want to continue to push myself and I may even pursue track.

Describe training at goperformance in three words.

Challenging. Lively. Productive.

From Coach Lane

He’s a perfectionist and he’s humble. Johnny is extremely respectful – always “yes sir” and “no sir” to the coaches. He has outstanding character. He doesn’t get caught up in the high school things. Johnny is focused on his school and his sports. He comes into goperformance ready to work and give 100%. He’s extremely talented and likely the fastest kid that’s trained with us for a significant amount of time. He’s got raw speed. Johnny has gotten faster from training with us and he’s capable of getting even faster. He has the potential at Starr’s Mill High School to beat the 100m, 200m, and 400m records at SMHS. If he trusts the programming, the process and commits to track full-time in the Spring, I think he will break those records. I am encouraging Johnny to pursue track in the Spring. I am looking forward to seeing him develop more as an athlete.


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