We’d like for you to meet the Williamson Brothers - our Athlete(s) of the Month. 

The Williamson Brothers:

School: Landmark Christian School
Canon - 7th grader
Bryce - 10th grader

By Lane, "When they came to go they we not leveraging their natural athletic ability. Their running mechanics needed the most work and they needed to get stronger - producing force from the correct positions." 

40 Yard Dash

Canon - 6.3 seconds to 5.8 seconds
Bryce - 5.15 seconds to 4.74 seconds

Vertical Jump

Canon - increased by 5 inches (going from 15 to 21 inches) 
Bryce - increased 6.5 inches (going from 25 to 31.5 inches) 

Broad Jump

Canon - went from 5 feet 8 to 6 feet 8 inches
Bryce - went from 8 feet 9 inches to 9 feet 6 inches

"More than athletic improvement, they are incredibly diligent and focused. They are extremely coachable and open to changing their old patterns and behaviors so that they may improve. They posses diligence and "coach-ability" - which are two qualities that athletes need to succeed."

We asked them to share their favorite thing about goperformance and here's what they said:


"My favorite part is how my performance results were tracked and monitored each month.  The workouts made me feel good and I definitely didn't want to miss a day!"


"My favorite thing about goperformance was how the coach would always be focused on my form and continually stressing the importance of technique.  That, and my vertical went up in just a few weeks!"

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