Louis Allen

Please help us give a warm welcome to Louis Allen. He is officially full-time as of today! We are so excited to have him as part of our team. He shared with us a little about his health and fitness journey and what inspired him to lost more than one hundred pounds. He’s bringing so much enthusiasm to our team. Get to know more about Coach Louis Allen.

What sparked your interest in health and fitness?

I enjoy competition and played baseball and football growing up. In high school, I sustained a knee injury that peaked my interest in physical therapy and rehab. I went to college in pursuit of a degree in Athletic Training. It wasn't until my grandmother had a heart attack in front of me that had me focus more on overall health and wellness for others.   

Tell me about your own personal fitness journey.

My journey is like most people who struggle with weight. I've yo-yo'd up and down with my weight and didn't always have a good relationship with food or a positive body image. It wasn't until the experience with my grandmother that led me on the five-year journey to finally lose and keep off more than one hundred pounds. My relationship with food is a lot better and I now have a positive body image and healthier mindset about my own health. I like to workout with others to keep me accountable and push me to do more!


What are you most excited about when it comes to your transition to goperformance?

I truly want to help goperformance be the best training facility in Peachtree City. I am excited to work with all the clients – adults, student athletes and teams. I look forward to meeting all the members and learning their stories.  

What’s your favorite workout movement?

I love bench press!

What are your performance goals for 2018 when it comes to working out?

  • Compete in the Trinity Combine representing goperformance (May 2018)
  • Compete in Spartan Super in Colorado with brother
  • Compete in Tough Mudder
  • Compete in three to five 5k races that support a good cause

What do you wish that you could tell every client that you work with - what do you wish that they knew?

There are two types of goals – outcome and behavioral. Outcome goals like personal records or weight loss are not in our control because it can vary over the course of time. However, we do have control over our behavioral goals like drink more water, get more sleep and workout 5-7 hours per week. Changing the behavioral goals will guide us towards reaching our outcome goals. 

Working out and training is supposed to be challenging! It's supposed to take you out of your comfort zone! 

Your time is either wasted or invested, I'm here to make your workout an experience and time well invested.

What do you like to do in your free time?

  • Reading.  I am currently reading “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”
  • Listening to Podcasts
  • Fishing
  • Visiting amusement parks with my daughter
  • Play video games
  • I love to travel to various beaches. I love some blue ocean water – next trip is Aruba!

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