16 Christmas Ideas for your Fit Friend

If you are making a list for yourself or buying for a fellow gym lover, here’s a list of fifteen items that will delight your fitness fanatic.  This list includes everything from stocking stuffers to the big-ticket items.  

1.  BCAA Singles

These single-serve BCAA packets are great for on-the-go when you don’t want to carry around a shaker bottle or if you have to travel. These would be great in someone’s stocking.

2.  Knee Sleeve

This was on the list last year. If your Secret Santa didn’t pull through then you can snag these knee sleeves for yourself. These are great if your knees are feeling a little dodgy during squats. 

3.  Resistance Bands for Travel Workouts

The third tool you can throw in your suitcase for a workout on the road is a set of resistance bands. You can use these on the road for: rows, presses, squats, pull-ups, push ups and more. These light-weight bands will last you a long time and won’t add any bulk to your bag. Grab two widths so you’ll have options on the road. 

4.  Sliders for Travel Workouts

In addition to the mini-bands above, grab some sliders. These fit into a suitcase or overnight bag. Use these when you’re away from the gym to do: mountain climbers, wounded dogs, lateral lunges, body saws, hamstring curls and more.  

5.  Mini-Bands

If life has you on the road and missing the gym, these mini-bands are just like the ones we have here at goperformance. You can use them for lower body exercises and upper body exercises. They are light-weight, durable and great for a workout on the go.

6.  Vitamix

If you are frustrated with your blender for leaving you with whole pieces of kale or spinach, the Vitamix will not disappoint. The varied speeds on this blender will make a smoothie, heat up soup and has a self-cleaning cycle. This is a staple in our house. 


This is a great stocking stuffer.WODWAX is a bar of wax that you can apply to the bar for pull-ups. It puts a sticky residue on the bar so your hands won’t slip off. This tiny bar will last you until next Christmas.

8. Pill Organizer 

Pill sorters aren’t just for your grandparents. This is not your grandmother’s pill sorter.  I enjoy mine for a few reasons. This little gadget keeps me from having to pull out 5-6 bottles morning and night to take my vitamins. It’s got a magnetic base so they stay put. This is great for travel too – just take the container you need for your quick overnight trip and you don’t have to bother with taking several bottles in your bag. It’s easy to load your vitamins or medications by simply pushing them through the perforated top.  

9.  Deep Blue Rub

The aching hamstring or sore shoulder can find relief with this Deep Blue Rub. Put this on your Christmas list if you are looking for relief from sore muscles. This rub is infused with essential oils to deliver a soothing sensation to achy, tired muscles. 

10.  Women’s Training Shoe

If your footwear needs an upgrade, I’ve loved these Under Armour training shoes. They provide enough stability for barbell movements, yet enough cushion for a quick run. They’ve held up nicely and I hope Santa will bring me a new pair.  

11.  Men’s Training Shoe

Lane was also really pleased with his training show from Under Armour. The solid heel box is great for squats and deadlifts. The sturdy upper material will endure tough workouts inside or outside.  

12.  Women’s Lifters

If you’ve been curious about purchasing a weightlifting shoe for barbell movements, these come in a variety of colors for men and women. Weightlifting shoes have a raised heel to allow you to get into a better position for barbell movements. The raised heel will allow for more ankle flexibility and hip flexibility. The hard sole (as opposed to most running shoes) allows you to get as much force off the ground as you can. Soft-soled running shoes absorb a lot of force. When your performing barbell movements like squats, cleans and deadlifts you want 100% force off the ground. If you are unsure if you’d benefit from lifting shoes, place 2.5 pound weights under your heels and squat. 

13.  Men’s Weightlifting  

14.  Jump Rope

We’ve all been there – in the middle of a class, staring at all the jump rope options. Why not just get your own, suited exactly for your height and preferences. These jump ropes are reasonably priced and a great gift.  


15. Deodorizing Wipes

If you hit the gym and then head out on errands, then these wipes are a great stocking stuffer or gift. They are deodorizing wipes to make sure the gym smell doesn’t linger with you while out on errands.  

16.  Mini-Foam Roller

You can travel to see relatives and they won’t know you’ve packed a foam roller. This one is super small and would easily fit in your car or bag. This would be great to throw in an overnight bag to ease those tight muscles.

I hope this gives you some ideas for the fitness fanatic in your life.  Happy shopping!

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