Blake Stiehl

Our athlete of the month for March is Blake Stiehl. Blake has been consistently coming to goperformance for almost a year. He had a hard time at first – you could tell he didn’t have much confidence and didn’t move very well. His weight was impacting his performance in the gym. Now he’s one of the staples in the Middle School Program. He’s diligent, hard-working and a leader. In class, he demonstrates exercises for other athletes. His mindset around training and being strong has changed. When Blake started, his attitude didn’t seem positive but now he arrives early and is excited to start the training session. He’s excited about exercises and he even asks about certain movements. He wants to learn. It’s been really awesome to see him overcome his own adversity. His transformation has been both on the inside and the outside.  

The Numbers


10 inches to 18.1 inches

Broad Jump

5 feet, 6 inches to 6 feet 2 inches 


6.52 seconds to 5.47 seconds 

40 Yard Dash

9 seconds to 6.4 seconds

1 Mile

12 minutes to 10 minutes 


From Blake’s mom, Dawn:

Why did you choose goperformance for Blake?

Our first experience with goperformance was at the Landmark 5k Race two years ago. Lane warmed up all the runners and I was impressed. After that I kept hearing great things about the programs goperformance offered. I went online and saw there was a class for middle schoolers and I thought it would be good for Blake to try it.  

How did you know goperformance was a good fit for him?

After trying goperformance for a week, Blake really seemed to be enjoying it. Even though it was really difficult for him in the beginning - he would get in the car a sweaty mess but said he had a great time. It's something he seemed to be enjoying and didn't want to quit.

Was there ever a time where Blake didn’t want to come to goperformance?

That's been the beauty of this program. There have only been a couple of days that he has not wanted to go. On those days, he had a bad day at school and just wanted to go home. I told him that he would feel better after a good workout – because it gets the stress out. After the class he felt so much better and was glad he went.

What are the main changes that you’ve seen in him since he’s been training?

We have seen a change in his body. He has trimmed up and has gotten stronger. He is seeing the results and he own personal gains. He has gotten faster, is lifting more and jumping higher. I'm seeing him set goals for to do more. He has never been goal driven before. I'm seeing that he is proud of himself and what he has accomplished.

Anything else you would like to add?

We are just really glad we found goperformance. Blake has always struggled with sports because he just doesn't enjoy them. We worried about his health and his lack of activity. goperformance has become his sport and something he really enjoys. It has helped him have confidence in himself. Lane and Louis do a great job of balancing when to push these kids and when to nurture. goperformance has been so much more than a gym. Thank you!

Questions for Blake:

Describe your mindset when you first started coming to goperformance?

I was always teased for being overweight and I wanted to change that.

What caused a mindset shift for you - from not wanting to come to really being dialed in and motivated?

I started to really enjoy going to goperformance. I work harder if I'm having fun. The workouts are fun!

What workouts do you enjoy the most?

I love when we do upper body and bench press! 

What achievement are you the most proud of when you look back at your training time here at the gym?

The first time I box jumped completely over a box.

What keeps you motivated to keep coming to goperformance?

I don't like sports but I want to be active. I really enjoy working out.  


What are your goals for the next 6 months?

My goal is to continue getting stronger and faster

Anything else you’d like to add? 

My Instagram is @4x4Gamer

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