We have several nutrition package options for this program. Our customized nutrition program is a separate offering from our other services. Get a customized Nutrition Plan that fits your lifestyle and goals. 

This is not a lose-weight-quick plan but a thought-out, intentional approach to help you achieve your goals and sustain it long term. You actually may not start in an immediate diet phase.  We might focus on implementing better habits, nutritional additions for hormonal health and metabolic resets.  This first phase could also include behavioral modifications towards better nutrition and long-term success.  

The six month commitment allows you to phase into a diet (whether that’s muscle building or fat loss or performance improvement) and do so properly for long-term success.

View our plans below and choose the one that is right for you!


Customized Nutrition Coaching

6 month commitment for Adults

  • Weekly check-in + (optional) phone call for guidance and accountability
  • Customized macro-nutrient breakdown
  • Practices and habits that align with goals and protocols
  • Sample meal-plans + recipe recommendations
  • Adjustments for travel, adherence, goals and more
  • Nutritional education to help with long-term success
  • One InBody Scan/meeting monthly to track progress

*This is suitable for those who are new to tracking their macro-nutrients, who have specific goals like losing body fat or building muscle.

3 month commitment for Student Athletes (21 and younger)

  • Weekly check-in for guidance and accountability – Optional phone call if needed
  • Customized macro-nutrient breakdown
  • Practices and habits to help stay the course
  • Sample meal-plans/recommendations that align with your goals and protocols
  • Adjustments and protocols for practices, training, tournaments.
  • One InBody Scan/meeting monthly to track progress



3 month commitment 

Once you’ve completed the goLean Gold Program for six months, transition into maintenance to get a break from dieting and learn to maintain your results.

  • Two scans, at the beginning and end of 3 months.
  • Weekly check-in + Monthly phone call for guidance and accountability
  • Customized macro-nutrient breakdown based on maintenance phase of dieting
  • Intuitive eating habits and protocols to help phase properly out of the diet period


Health Consultation

Athletes & Adults
$85 One-Time-Fee

  • 60-minute health consultation to evaluate goals, current fitness level, and explain different nutrition programs. We will start with an (optional) in-body scan to determine current body composition. 
  • A nutrition periodization protocol will be explained to help you determine time and execution required for you to reach your goals. Macros, habits, and/or diet protocols will be set up to allow you to follow if desired. 
  • Time can be spent discussing nutrition questions and ideas outside of simply losing/gaining weight (Ex. Hormones, gut health, supplements, etc.)

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