Gabe Lopez 

Our October Athlete of the Month is Starr’s Mill Lacrosse Player, Gabe Lopez.  Gabe began his training in June 2017. He came with friends over the summer and we’ve adapted his program over the past few months. He’s improved so much since he started. 

Gabe brings enjoyment, laughter and fun to every class he participates in. He sees training as a fun part of his day not a “requirement”. It’s refreshing to train someone with such enthusiasm and zeal. Gabe is unique in the sense that he trains for the fun and enjoyment of it. The benefit is that he’s improving in all of our performance metrics. He is unique – he has the drive and the competitive nature to have goals and the eagerness to win; but he still manages to keep the “fun” in all of it. 

Gabe is coachable. He’s intelligent. Gabe listens well and enjoys the competitive nature in our classes and on the field. When Gabe started this summer, he was a strong kid to begin with. Our programs complemented his strength very well.

Gabe and some friends started training this summer to put on muscle mass and get stronger. We started with mostly strength programming because that’s what their group wanted. About six weeks into the programming, the group realized that while it’s beneficial to have a foundation of strength, they realized they needed to work on speed, agility and quickness. After a bit of persuasion, we were able to help them understand the benefits of speed training. We adapted the programming to cover multi-directional movement, strength, speed, and agility. Once the programming shifted, they all started to see improvements in about 8 weeks. The numbers below tell the story of how Gabe improved:

The Numbers:

40-Yard Dash

5.37 seconds to 5.22 seconds


4.72 seconds to 4.58 seconds

Broad Jump

6 feet, 8 inches to 7 feet, 5 inches


21 inches to 22.5 inches

BB Back Squat

185 pounds to 250 pounds (1 Rep)

DSL Bar Deadlift

300 pounds to 350 pounds (1 Rep)

From Gabe:

What do you enjoy the most about training at goperformance?

I really like working with Lane. He challenges me to do my best, and he really cares about my improvement. 

How has it made you better at your sport?

I am faster on the lacrosse field, especially laterally.

What achievement are you most proud of when it comes to your performance training with Lane at goperformance?

I am most proud of my squat. My form and strength have really improved.

What are your goals for the next 3 months?

I want to improve my 40 time by .25 seconds and continue to improve my lateral speed.

What’s your favorite thing about the training classes?

I like how the workouts are different each week. Lane keeps the workouts fun and challenging.

Describe Lane’s coaching style.

Lane is positive and motivating. He expects us to be our best and he’s encouraging us to beat our best.


Questions for Mr. and Mrs. Lopez:

Why did you choose goperformance for Gabe?

goperformance was highly recommended by some friends. We love training at goperformance because the training is focused on INDIVIDUAL performance improvement. 

What motivates him to train at goperformance?

Gabe’s goal is to play D1 lacrosse and that really motivates him to improve his speed and strength. 

What changes have you seen in Gabe since he’s been training?

Gabe looks faster on the lacrosse field and is starting to build more muscle mass. He has grown out of half his clothes from August! 

Why do you think goperformance is different than other places for sports performance training?

Lane genuinely cares about Gabe and his personal performance. Lane’s trainings are individualized to fit Gabe’s needs and goals.

Anything you’d like to add about his experience with goperformance?

We would highly recommend goperformance! Gabe has really enjoyed working with Lane and is getting great results, which encourages him to keep working hard!

From Coach Lane:

If Gabe continues to work on his flexibility, mobility, and range of motion he will continue to see improvement. He won’t be restricted and therefore will apply more velocity. Ultimately this will make him faster and better at his sport.  

I hope that he continues to enjoy training and keep his training “light-hearted” but with the same focus and desire to constantly improve.

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