Zach Jones

The Numbers

40 yard dash

4.84 seconds to 4.68 seconds

Broad Jump

8’4”to 8’10”


25.5 inches to 28.8 inches

5-10-5 Shuttle Run

4.6 seconds to 4.17 seconds

Zach started training at goperformance in the Winter of 2017. Zach is a senior at Trinity Christian School.

From Coach Lane

He trained through Lacrosse Season and through Football Season. Many athletes choose not to train during their season but Zach didn’t use being “in-season” as an excuse to stop working out. When athletes stop working out, they lose strength, decrease power, lose speed and increase their risk of injury.

Due to Zach’s commitment and desire for improvement, he chose to continue training while in season and has gotten great results. His training has translated to the field really well. He’s averaging more than 125 rushing yards per game this season over the past four games.

Zach loves working out and training. He truly has a desire to improve and enjoys the process. He has high expectations for his own improvement and he gets angry when he misses the mark. Most kids that hold themselves to a high standard tend to do well and improve at a faster rate.

As he closes out the football season, I hope that he continues to be a team player and injury free.


From Zach

Why do you enjoy training at goperformance?

I enjoy training at goperformance because of the work ethic from the coaches and the hospitality they show me as soon as I walk in.

What are the three biggest things that you have learned since training at goperformance?

  1. How to eat better.

  2. Correct running and lifting form.

  3. Life lessons with Lane


How has training prepared you for this year’s football season?

I have seen a huge increase in my speed and agility on the field. I can break tackles and pull away from defenders much easier than I used to.

What are you performance goals for the next six months?

I want to make “All-State” in football and continue training at s

What is your favorite thing about training with Lane?

I like how he pushes me to be better on and off the field. Lane has also taught me may life lessons that I can keep with me for the rest of my life.


From Zach’s Parents

Why did you choose goperformance?

We chose goperformance because of Lane’s reputation for developing athletes.

What have you noticed in his performance since he started training?

Zach’s speed, explosiveness and strength are far better than they were one year ago.

How has training prepared him for the football season?

He is bigger, stronger, faster and much more confident. We love goperformance.


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