McIntosh boys’ Soccer

This season the McIntosh Boys' Soccer Team reached great heights winning the State Championship and finishing ranked #2 in the nation. A key component was the work Lane Montgomery and goperformance did with our team. We needed to improve our flexibility, strength and speed.  Because of Lane’s work with the team, we did not have any major injuries for the entire season.  We beat teams that were thought to be bigger, faster and stronger the year before. On the field, we also outlasted team due to our overall fitness.  Lane helped us gain the knowledge and training we vitally needed. There are many things that go into a championship season and our speed and agility training was a key component in that.  We just want to thank Lane and goperformance for working with our players and coaches.

- Colvin Bunky, Coach, McIntosh Boys’ Soccer 2017 Season

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